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What To Look For In A Storage Facility

You’re cleaning out closets, making extra space in your home and have reserved a unit at your local self storage facility. You have a date set in the future when you will take your belongings, place them into your storage unit and then revel in all the extra space you’ve created in your home. Sounds like you’re an organized individual who reviews the pros and cons carefully before beginning a process. Since we’re sure you’d like to know which details are important when choosing a self storage facility, we’ve compiled a few factors that are important to consider before purchasing your storage unit.

Finding a good storage facility doesn’t have to be a difficult task.

Storage Facility Security

If you didn’t care about security, you would just store your things on the street and let anyone that wanted them have them. But if you’re taking the time, effort, and money to place something in storage, then it’s likely you want it to stay safe. Ask if the units come with key codes or locks, or if you will need to provide your own lock. Make sure that only unit owners are allowed to enter the storage facility. Ask about video surveillance and whether or not the facility has a guard.

Self Storage Unit Size

Only you can know how much stuff you have and how much space you need. But sometimes it can be difficult to make exact plans. Your best chance at success is to find a storage facility that offers units in as many different sizes as possible, to give you the most chances at using the space efficiently.
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Car Storage in Dallas, TX | Assured Self Storage

Vehicle Storage: 12 Steps To Getting Your Car Ready For Storage

We’ve prepared a checklist for getting your car ready for your storage unit so it remains safe and secure.

If you’re storing your car in a storage unit for vehicles, there is a good chance you care a good deal about it. Whether it’s an older vehicle that you don’t drive often, a classic car that you don’t want damaged, or a gift that you intend to pass on to a college grad, you want to make sure it’s safe and taken care of. A lot of that depends on how you prepare your car for storage.
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