How To Store A Rug

Placing A Rug In Self StorageWhen you store your rug at a self storage facility, there are several preparation tips you need to consider for both long-term and short-term storage. These rug storage tips will help keep your rug in top shape until the next time you need it.

1. Make sure your rug is clean before placing it in storage. Any food particles that are left behind can attract bugs and pests. Also, dirt that is smashed into the fibers and left to sit for years can eventually cause your rug to dry rot. Take your rug to a specialty cleaner or use a self cleaner to get rid of any foreign particles before storage. After cleaning, you may want to apply odorless insect repellant on the outer layer on the rug (read the label before applying). There are some natural pest control remedies like MothFree that will help keep away moths and carpet beetles.

2. Make sure your rug is completely dry before putting it in storage. Any moisture will remain in the fibers of your rugs and cause mildew.

3. You will want to roll your rug to reduce the amount of dust and dirt that will become trapped in the fibers. Always start at the bottom of the rug. You can find this by running your hand with the nap. The side you end on is the bottom. Roll your rug with the top inside the roll. The only exception is rugs made from silk. This position can damage the foundation, so roll your silk rug with the top outside.

4. Be sure to wrap your rugs to keep it from getting dirty and dusty. Never wrap your rugs in plastic when you are storing your wool rugs. Wool rugs need to breath. They take in moisture from the air and then release it which could cause water to accumulate under the plastic and cause odor and mildew. Instead you can use brown acid free paper or the professional’s choice, Tyvek RugWrap. Tyvek works best as it is puncture resistant and provides a physical barrier against bugs and insect infestations. It also allows the rug to breath.

5. Make sure nothing is placed on top of your rug. Any bending of the rug’s foundation is potentially harmful. It can create unattractive cracks and permanent folds. Even objects that seem light, when left there for long periods of time, can damage the rugs foundation.

6. Keep your rugs off the ground. Any accidental water intrusion that might find its way into the storage unit can ruin your rug by causing mildew. Again, it is recommended to wrap the rug in Tyek as this will repel any moisture.

7.Make sure to inspect your rugs periodically. If you can catch any problems with moisture or insects quickly, you could save the life of your rug. Look for any areas where the cotton backing is showing. This means that an insect has eaten the outer fabric. Also, look for other signs of insects such as waste, wings, or eggs. If you are storing your rug long-term, you will want to reapply the insect repellant every 2 years or so.

If you regularly treat and inspect your rug, it will remain beautiful and bug-free during storage. With a little extra attention, you can keep your rug in storage for years if necessary.

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