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5 Mistakes You Can Make When Storing Your Items

Top Storage MIstakesSelf storage is your salvation for everything from major relocations to freeing up space around the house. It’s also an affordable business solution for extra equipment and excess inventory. Thinking ahead makes a big difference, so sort through your storage options, and head off potential problems. Here are five storage mistakes that are easy to make and even easier to avoid. Continue reading

Storing Your Boat At A Self Storage Facility

Winter Boat StorageFirst time boat owners will be surprised to learn that the winter months can be especially rough on their boat. Months of inactivity can accelerate wear and tear on their watercraft, as well as contribute to internal issues the next time they choose to bring it out on the water. A boat can be damaged in many ways if it is not properly treated for the winter, such as: rust corrosion, moisture can freeze and spread through the engine, the motor’s lubrication can congeal, and various other types of damage can settle in during the coldest part of the year. These issues, which are both cosmetic and internal, can require a lot of money to fix. Thankfully, though, there are a number of steps a boat owner can take to properly winterize their boat before storing it at a self storage facility during the winter. Continue reading

Packing Glassware

Packing Tips To Keep Your Glassware Safe

While moving items such as clothes and toys is generally an easy task, moving breakable items like glassware can prove much more challenging. Glassware needs to be packed with the right packing supplies  in just the right way to ensure that the pieces are not broken in transit. The following steps will help you pack your glassware safely so it gets to either the storage facility or your new home in perfect condition. Continue reading

Safely Storing Photographs

How To Keep Your Photos Safe In Self Storage

Since 1976, our customers have trusted us with storing their personal belongings like clothing, washer and dryers and furniture. But one of the most cherished items our customers place in storage are their personal photographs. While most household items can be replaced, family photographs can’t. So we put together a list of storage tips to help you safely store you photos in an rented storage unit from Assured Self Storage. Continue reading

Storage Tips For Clothes

How To Pack Your Clothes For Storage

There comes a time when you simply do not have room for all the clothing that you own. When you have sorted through your wardrobe and purged the items that you think you will no longer wear, you will want to to store your excess clothing in a self storage locker. Most people who store their clothes choose to store their winter clothes away in the summer and vice versa. However, you have to be careful about how you store your clothing in order to avoid damaging them. To that end, here are some helpful storage tips for properly placing your clothing in an Assured Self Storage facility in Dallas. Continue reading

10 Summer Items To Store This Fall

Declutter This Fall SeasonThe crisp North Texas air means that blue northers and hard freezes are just around the corner. Before you throw tarps over the patio furniture and shove things in the garage, think about using a storage facility in the DallasFort Worth area to help declutter your home this fall. It’s secure, climate-controlled and the ideal spot to stash summer household items. Here’s a checklist to get you started. Continue reading

How To Keep Unwanted Pests Out Of Your Storage Unit

Preventing Creepy Crawlies From Entering Your Storage Unit

You’ve neatly stacked boxes and stashed away furniture in your self-storage unit knowing that everything is safely locked up and secure from the elements. However, there are several species of native Texans just waiting to turn your storage space into their new home. Critters aren’t the problem; raccoons, possums and snakes can’t work the lock. It’s the creepy crawlies that know how to slip under the door and through the cracks. Continue reading

Using Wooden Pallet In Self Storage Unit

Protect Your Items In Self Storage With Wooden Pallets

Whether you’re in the process of moving or just need more space, self storage is ideal for those items that haven’t made it home yet or simply take up too much room. From furniture to boxed books, the unit holds everything with easy access and a high level of security. Adding wooden pallets to this convenient space makes it even safer for long and short-term storage. Continue reading

How To Properly Store Your Washing Machine and Dryer

Washer and Dryer StorageKnowing how to store your washer and dryer properly is an essential part of keeping your appliances in top shape for years to come. Because these appliances tend to accumulate a large amount of water and lint, there are a few steps you will need to take before placing your washer and dryer into storage. If you plan to be moving your washer and dryer set to a storage unit in the near future, then follow these simple steps to keep your appliances as good as new. Continue reading

Self Storage Tips

Tips on Properly Storing Your Items At A Self Storage Facility

>When it comes to proper storage, you will be surprised to see how often people do it wrong. They throw the things that are important to them into a storage unit, and they come back and find those same things wrecked. How can you make sure that your stored items stay in good shape? Check out these self storage tips that will protect your things no matter how long they need to stay in storage. Continue reading