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Smart Storage Solutions for Your Short-Term Move

Storage Decision For Short-Term MoveEvery relocation usually involves a stop at the self storage facility. It’s perfect for holding belongings while making that transition from the old place to your new home. When you know that your move to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area is short-term, where do you stash your stuff? Here are some strategies for self storage in Dallas.

Leave It At Home

You plan on eventually returning, so it seems logical to store things back at your hometown. Moving from a house in one city to an apartment in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex doesn’t leave much room for furniture and belongings that you have accumulated over the years. Self storage is an economical solution in preventing overcrowding in the new place, but how far will you have to travel if you change your mind about that favorite recliner? Having second thoughts can add to the mileage you’ve already invested in the move.

Take It With You

The alternative plan is simple. Put everything on the moving van, and drop off the extras in a Dallas storage unit once you arrive. Again, there’s no need to worry about the furniture or those boxes of books because the self storage facility is secure and nearby. Whether the short-term stay lasts for six months or stretches to a couple of years, you can always visit the storage unit and retrieve whatever you need. As long as there’s no one back home who also needs access to that spare furniture or those books, keeping everything near your new place makes sense. However, storing things that you don’t need now means paying for their move back home when your stay in the Metroplex is over. Taking everything with you adds to moving costs coming and going.

Double Down

A third strategy solves several problems with the first two plans: Keep a storage unit at your hometown and another one nearby your new place in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The idea of paying for two units might seem unusual, but the arrangement is temporary, and self storage is affordable. Keeping two units gives you a versatile solution for access, extra space and moving costs. If you know that you’ll join friends back home for those great fishing trips, leave the boat and tackle there. You want easy access to seasonal clothing, so put it on the list of things that go to self storage in Dallas. With two units, you’ll free up room for things that accumulate at your temporary place, and you’ll have that much less to pack up while incurring lower freight charges when it’s time to move back home.

Whatever game plan you choose for that short-term move, make a list with two columns. Decide on what you can live without and which things should be close by. Use your inventory as a guide, and then make your life easier and living space manageable by taking advantage of self storage. When your relocation is temporary, sometimes two solutions are better than one.

How To Properly Store A Refrigerator

How To Store A Fridge
Thank goodness you don’t have to move a refrigerator into self storage everyday. It’s a big job that requires a little planning, but it doesn’t have to turn into a heavy-duty headache. The fridge needs a complete cleaning, careful moving and its own safe spot in a climate-controlled storage unit. There’s not an app for all that yet, but these four tips keep work to a minimum and ensure you and your refrigerator survive the project without a scratch. Continue reading

Movie Poster Storage Tips

How To Properly Store Your Movie Poster

Whether they beckon from the reserves of an online dealer or you luck into something special at a yard sale, there’s no denying the allure of a classic movie poster. From vintage Hitchcock to “The Dark Knight Rises,” a small collection can easily turn into a great investment. These valuable paper sheets won’t fit in a safe deposit box, and your home isn’t an ideal environment for preservation. Your prized movie posters deserve the protection of climate-controlled self storage. Continue reading

How To Store A Couch

Tips on Properly Storing Your Sofa in a Self Storage Unit

Whether you’re indulging in binge TV or a well-deserved nap, it’s always there for you. It quietly supports visiting friends, bouncing kids and shedding pets. Your sofa even doubles up as an extra bed when the house gets crowded. There’s no denying its important place in your life and home. When the time comes to move the couch into a secure self storage unit, give it the attention it deserves.

Groom That Sofa

You wouldn’t hang dirty clothes in the closet, so don’t send your sofa to storage without a good cleaning. Start by removing the cushions and checking those deep folds that catch loose change. Use a hand vacuum to clear the crumb cache and eliminate any potential bug buffets. Apply the same diligence to the entire couch so it’s free of dust and pet hair, and polish wooden trim and legs. Check the manufacturer’s tag on one of the cushions for information about your sofa’s material, and use an appropriate spray cleaner. Let everything dry thoroughly, so you won’t have to worry about mold or mildew while you store your sofa. Continue reading

Portable Storage Unit

Portable Storage Units vs Self Storage Units

Portable storage units and self storage units are two options that people have if they need to store their items for an extended period of time in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Though two options are available, users may not know which option is best for their needs. Here are some suggestions, advantages, and disadvantages that will help you make a more educated decision about storage.

Ask the Proper Questions

Common questions that should be asked before securing a storage unit include: Continue reading

How To Hire Moving Day Labor

How To Find A Hourly Moving Helper

Moving often turns out to be a bigger job than you originally anticipated. There never seems to be enough help around when you need it. Friends and family members that promised to help are often hard to track down on the actual day of the move. Between endless boxes and awkward pieces of furniture that you don’t want to break, the more hands on board, the easier the task. Fortunately, if you find that you need extra help on moving day, there are some convenient options that you can turn to. Let’s look at three websites that can provide you with some assistance. Continue reading

Packing Plates

How to Safely Pack Your Plates

When moving from one residence to another, packing can be somewhat difficult. This may be especially so when it comes to items that are breakable, namely in the kitchen. Packing plates is tricky because not only does the homeowner or renter have to worry about these items breaking during the move but they may also become chipped, cracked or otherwise broken when placing them in storage containers. However, there are ways to safely and effectively pack plates so this does not occur. Continue reading

How To Store A Rug

Placing A Rug In Self StorageWhen you store your rug at a self storage facility, there are several preparation tips you need to consider for both long-term and short-term storage. These rug storage tips will help keep your rug in top shape until the next time you need it.

1. Make sure your rug is clean before placing it in storage. Any food particles that are left behind can attract bugs and pests. Also, dirt that is smashed into the fibers and left to sit for years can eventually cause your rug to dry rot. Take your rug to a specialty cleaner or use a self cleaner to get rid of any foreign particles before storage. After cleaning, you may want to apply odorless insect repellant on the outer layer on the rug (read the label before applying). There are some natural pest control remedies like MothFree that will help keep away moths and carpet beetles. Continue reading

How to Store a Mattress

How To Store A MattressSpace maybe at a premium around you house and large unused items like a mattress can easily take up a significant amount of it. To help free up space in the house many Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners and renters decide to store their mattresses in a local self storage unit.

Even when taking advantage of the benefits that self storage has to offer, there are a few things that the individuals will need to do to help protect the mattress while in storage. These simple tips can help avoid some of the most common types of damage that can occur while storing this type of furniture. Continue reading