When To Use A Safe In Self-Storage

Sensitive Information Storage: When To Use A Safe In Your Unit

You count on 24/7 security at modern self storage facilities, but some belongings need special care. Adding a safe to your storage unit provides extra protection for sensitive information and personal valuables. Here are some quick tips for choosing the right vault and deciding on what deserves extra safekeeping.

Cracking Your Safe Choices

Before choosing a safe, let your mouse do the legwork with a little online research. Different models are rated by fire resistance, and higher numbers are best for external drives and small electronics. Most safes are watertight, but check the manufacturers’ specs. Average sizes run between 1.2 and 1.3 cubic feet with enough room to hold a 12-inch stack of letter-sized papers. So, what will you stash in that new strongbox? Here’s an idea list of five things you should always keep safe.

1. Those Important Personal Papers

Losing an original birth certificate or Social Security card is a documentation nightmare. Why not store vital papers in your self storage unit and keep copies at the house? It’s time-consuming to replace car titles, passports and legal papers, but you enjoy guaranteed access to everything stored in a personal safe. Bank deposit boxes are only available during business hours, so file living wills, powers of attorney and critical contact information in your vault where they’re always available.

2. That Essential Business Stuff

At best, they’re organized in desk drawer folders. More likely, your business papers are filed all over the house. Chances are you’ll never have to retrieve tax records, but how quickly could you locate filings from the last seven years? A personal safe in self storage does more than protect important home business paperwork. It keeps everything organized. Financial information, insurance policies and mortgage documentation are easy to access, and that saves time and worry in case of emergencies.

3. Your Digital Life Backups

All those precious family photos stored on CDs and external drives deserve extra care. Stash away the years in a climate-controlled self storage unit, and double down on preserving memories with a fire-proof safe that’s specifically rated for protecting digital media. This smart strategy works for archiving business data, and it’s great for CDs that document belongings for insurance purposes. The combination of self storage and a sturdy safe provides the ultimate backup for all your digital files.

4. Keys You Can’t Lose

That spare key to the front door is never safe under the door mat or stashed in a flower pot, and it doesn’t do any good inside when you’re locked out. Convenient self storage puts full access to your home just down the road. Keep copies of all your house keys locked up in a personal safe inside the unit along with backups for your cars. Don’t forget about bank deposit box keys. It’s easier to have duplicates made at your leisure than calling an expensive locksmith for emergency service. Also note that some facilities will allow you to sign a release form to leave a spare key to your storage unit with the on-site manager.

5. Treasures With True Value

Certain valuables are excellent candidates for secure self storage. Rare movie manuscript or baseball cards stay in mint condition for the next collector’s show when they’re stashed in a strongbox. Your family heirlooms won’t ever lose their charm if they’re safely tucked away. A small, personal vault is also a great place to keep a little extra cash just in case.

Any items you place in storage should always be insured, but do not automatically assume your homeowner’s policy will insure the contents of the storage unit. If an item is not covered check with the storage facility, as they offer third-party insurance.

We’re all about security here at Assured Self Storage, and we’re happy to share tips and ideas for keeping your belongings protected year round. Give our friendly staff a call today for information about climate-controlled units and convenient drive-up storage. We’re always here to help you keep everything safe.

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