Free Up Space and Store Seasonal Items

Seasonal StoragePeople who live in apartments often have the same complaint: there is not enough space. Too often, renters cut down to the bare minimum of personal items just to fit into their apartments. However, there is a better option. Renters who have found the apartment storage solution are able to keep their things and their sanity. There are many things that can be stored when not in use. Here are 4 easy ways to free up space in your apartment without getting rid of anything.


Not many people can afford a whole new wardrobe for each season. Most renters have clothes they wear in the summer and clothes they wear in the winter all in one closet. One of the most efficient apartment storage solutions is to store seasonal clothes. When you store your clothes safely in a storage facility until they are in season, you free up your closet for more living space storage. Also, trying to dig through a closet stuffed with clothes that are out of season can be frustrating in the mornings. Keep it simple by putting away those heavy jackets in the summer and the bathing suits and shorts in the winter.

Cooking Utensils

If you are like most people, you believe certain foods go with certain weather. Cold weather is the time for soups, gumbos, and roasts. Summertime is great for kabobs, steaks, and hamburgers. If you know you are going to be changing your cooking style with the changing weather, why not store those bulky pots and pan until you need them? Seasonal storage is a great way to save on space in the kitchen. Open up some kitchen space in the warm weather by storing your slow-cooker, gumbo pot, and roaster at a storage facility. In the winter, put up your barbecue equipment.

Outdoor Equipment

Rented spaces rarely have much outdoor area, but most renters make the best of the outdoor space they have with barbecue pits, outdoor furniture, potted gardens, and outdoor toys for the kids. Also, in cold weather, the porch or patio is often a good place to keep the snow shovel, snow chains, and their anti-ice and snow control products. Whether you have a tiny yard in an apartment complex or a huge patio, out-of-season outdoor equipment just adds clutter. Don’t pile these items on your porch until you need them. This prevents you from enjoying the space you have. Storing these items out of the way at a storage facility until next season is the smart apartment storage solution.

Holiday Decorations

Decorating for holidays is a fun tradition that many families enjoy. While holiday decorations look amazing in and around your apartment, they are far less appealing sitting stuffed in a corner in the off season. Take your off-season holiday decorations to a storage facility until next year. Whether it is a boxed Christmas tree or a laughing skeleton candy dish for Halloween, get it out of site. This will also make decorating your space for the holidays much more special and fun.

Seasonal storage at a secure facility is the best way to keep clutter from taking over your apartment. Whether it is clothes, equipment, or decorations keep in stored until you are ready to use it. You will find that your life is simpler, and your space is more enjoyable.

Joseph Jenkinson is a content editor with A-AAA Houston Storage. Read about helpful self storage & packing tips to help you manage all of your life’s possessions.

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