Movie Poster Storage Tips

How To Properly Store Your Movie Poster

Whether they beckon from the reserves of an online dealer or you luck into something special at a yard sale, there’s no denying the allure of a classic movie poster. From vintage Hitchcock to “The Dark Knight Rises,” a small collection can easily turn into a great investment. These valuable paper sheets won’t fit in a safe deposit box, and your home isn’t an ideal environment for preservation. Your prized movie posters deserve the protection of climate-controlled self storage.

Fragile Wall Art

It’s hard not to imagine the potential worth of that “Star Wars” poster even when you know it’s one of many millions. Collecting starts out as a hobby, but you eventually question the wisdom of mounting those latest acquisitions on the wall with thumb tacks and tape. Movie posters were always considered cheap, disposable advertising, and they weren’t produced with the same care as Picasso prints. Contemporary stock enjoys a better grade of paper, but all posters share an acidic quality that makes them difficult to preserve. If you want to display your original 1954 “Godzilla” at home, be prepared to make another investment.

Professional Conservation Techniques

As a casual collector, you’re comfortable with pinning up a 2003 “X2,” but an older movie poster with real value needs professional protection for home display. A paper conservator slows down your treasure’s deterioration with solvent-based solutions that neutralize the poster’s acidity. The preservation process involves acid-free linen backings and alkaline treatments. When these processes are applied to the movie poster, it’s ready for framing. You’ll need special matting, UV-filtering glass and a shop that specializes in this kind of work. Multiply these expenses by the number of posters in your collection. It’s time to consider the DIY alternative of an affordable self storage unit.

DIY Preservation Tricks

When you store any type of valuable paper, its acidic nature and damp air are your biggest enemies. Combat this assault on your prized pieces with a few professional strategies and a modern, climate-controlled self storage facility. Place posters in acid-free sleeves, or make your own from acid-free mounting boards cut to size and secured with binder clips. A large storage unit gives you plenty of room to lay your protected posters flat on wood palettes, and plastic wrap helps hold large collections together while it keeps out the dust. If space is tight, roll up the posters, and slip them into acid-free tubes. Lay the containers flat on your palettes, and pamper them with plastic covers.

Your Private Vault

Your posters might not increase in value quickly enough for a bid on Dorothy’s ruby slippers next year. However, the worth of those paper masterpieces will grow in their climate-controlled home where they’re safe from the damp and dust. You’ll sleep easier at night knowing that your investment enjoys the protection of a secure self storage unit. High-tech surveillance cameras, private key code gates and unit locks keep those unique posters safe, and you enjoy 24/7 access to your holdings. When it’s time to turn a profit on eBay or impress the crowd at a collector’s convention, your 1978 “Halloween” movie poster will be in perfect condition for commanding top bids and spellbound attention.

Paper loves an acid-free wrap and a cool, dry environment, so treat your old movie posters to a little DIY care and a climate-controlled storage unit. You don’t have to own Turner Classics to cover the cost of an affordable self storage unit, but you’ll feel like a preservation pro knowing that your collection is always safe in your own private vault.

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Movie Poster Image Credit: Graham Richardson

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