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Portable Storage Units vs Self Storage Units

Portable storage units and self storage units are two options that people have if they need to store their items for an extended period of time in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Though two options are available, users may not know which option is best for their needs. Here are some suggestions, advantages, and disadvantages that will help you make a more educated decision about storage.

Ask the Proper Questions

Common questions that should be asked before securing a storage unit include:

How Long Do You Need The Storage Unit?

If you need the storage unit for an extended period of time, renting a self storage unit will be the best financial option. While portable storage units offer the convenience of door to door delivery, they are more costly to rent on a monthly basis and offer limited selection of unit sizes.

Note that portable storage companies have one or two sizes, while a self storage facility has a variety sizes that range from small closets to units that can hold the contents of a four bedroom house. Limiting yourself to just a couple of sizes can cause you to spend more on space that you really do not need.

You will also want to check with the city ordinances to see how long a storage container can sit out front of your home. In some cases the city may even require you to pull a permit which will increase your costs of the storage container.

How Often Do You Need To Access The Storage Unit?

If you need to access your household items often or on a moment’s notice then using a self storage unit is the best choice. Self storage facilities provide you with round the clock access to your belongings. Once a portable storage unit is in the company’s possession you would need to make arrangements for them to pull the container to make it accessible to you. This could take one or two days for them to do it.

If you are allowed to keep the storage container on your property for a prolong period, it is recommend to only store garage-type items and to not store items that could be damaged from drastic humidity or temperature changes. A climate-controlled storage unit would be recommend for those types of items.

How Far Are You Moving Away?

If you are moving locally, the use of self storage unit would give you better access to your personal belongings. As an added bonus, some self storage facilities even provide you the free use of a moving truck with your rental contract.

For long distance moves it makes sense to use a portable storage unit. It’s much more convenient to move your personal belongings from your home and into a portable unit. The portable unit can be moved across country and only has to be unpacked once when it arrives to its final destination.

Portable Storage Units Versus Self Storage Units

In general, it’s best to obtain a self storage unit over a portable unit. The only time that a portable unit is preferable is when you are making a long distance move, and you’re not sure when you’ll need access to the storage items again.

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