Why Dallas Is For Dog Lovers

Dallas Best City For Dog Lovers
If you think you’re excited about moving to Dallas, just ask your dog what he thinks. It’s common canine knowledge that this is one of the best big cities for pets in general and dogs in particular. You don’t even have to live in the heart of Big D to enjoy all the animal-friendly amenities. Here are five things about your new hometown that will put a special wag in your pup’s tail. Continue reading

9 Clutter Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

9 Interesting Statistics on Clutter

You straighten up closets, clean out corners, and move things to the garage, but stacks and boxes keep multiplying. You need two things: motivation and modern self storage. Here are nine clutter statistics guaranteed to inspire.

1. There’s nothing wrong with being a creature of habit. That explains why you only wear 20 percent of the clothes you own 80 percent of the time. There’s nothing wrong with staying comfortable, but all that stuff you’re not wearing takes up extra space in closets and drawers.

stat-one Continue reading

How Downsizing Can Save You Money

How Downsizing Can Save Your Money
Your monthly bills keep going up, and the house needs repairs. The home that seemed bursting at the seams with family is quiet now. Perhaps it’s time for your real estate investment to pay off. From shrinking wallets and empty nests to cashing out, there comes a time when downsizing makes sense. If you’re living in more space than you really need, trade it for something smaller, and put the difference in your pocket. Continue reading

How To Properly Store A Refrigerator

How To Store A Fridge
Thank goodness you don’t have to move a refrigerator into self storage everyday. It’s a big job that requires a little planning, but it doesn’t have to turn into a heavy-duty headache. The fridge needs a complete cleaning, careful moving and its own safe spot in a climate-controlled storage unit. There’s not an app for all that yet, but these four tips keep work to a minimum and ensure you and your refrigerator survive the project without a scratch. Continue reading

Movie Poster Storage Tips

How To Properly Store Your Movie Poster

Whether they beckon from the reserves of an online dealer or you luck into something special at a yard sale, there’s no denying the allure of a classic movie poster. From vintage Hitchcock to “The Dark Knight Rises,” a small collection can easily turn into a great investment. These valuable paper sheets won’t fit in a safe deposit box, and your home isn’t an ideal environment for preservation. Your prized movie posters deserve the protection of climate-controlled self storage. Continue reading

Where To Donate Your Unwanted Items In Dallas / Fort Worth

6 Dallas Charities To Donate Unwanted Items

That sofa in your self-storage unit isn’t coming home anytime soon. Those boxes filled with clothes need to go. From spare chairs to excess kitchenware, your convenient storage space is starting to fill up. It’s time to get organized, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to some great organizations that are always happy to take in your gently-used stuff. These six groups will really appreciate your generous donations. Continue reading

Storing Your ATV With Assured Self Storage

ATV StorageJust because folks call it the Metroplex doesn’t mean the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area is a concrete jungle. You know this is true because your rugged ATV sees plenty of off-road action especially when the season warms up. Whether you call it your off-highway or all-terrain vehicle, it’s a wild ride that packs plenty of fun into outdoor weekends. This is one of your toughest toys, and it’s worth a little special care.

Lost in the Garage

Once upon a time, everything used to fit neatly in the garage. Things still get moved out there, and the competition for floor space turns fierce. Your ATV gradually loses ground surrounded by the kids’ bikes, the lawn mower and Christmas decorations. When you have to move stuff just to pull out the trailer and hitch up for a weekend trek, it’s time for a new plan. Building a second garage isn’t an option, and parking your trailer in the driveway will get you a warning letter from the homeowner’s association. The answer to this dilemma is affordable and right down the road. You need your own ATV self storage space. Continue reading

Storing Your Jet Ski With Assured Self Storage

Jet Ski StorageYou remember the day you decided on the perfect jet ski. You fell in love with its snazzy profile and felt right at home in that comfy seat. From the fast four-stroke engine to those bold racing stripes, it was made for wild, wet fun. You picked out a matching trailer, loaded it up, and brought your new baby home. That’s when you realized that your beautiful jet ski takes up a lot of space. Now you need to find a place that offers jet ski storage. Continue reading

Teacher and Student Discounts

Self Storage Discount for Teachers and StudentsIf you’re a teacher or student in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you know all about the seasonal headaches that come with the end of each school year. It’s great to have a summer break from classes, but moving in and out of apartments and dorms can be an expensive chore. Assured Self Storage wants to help, so we’re offering DFW teachers and students a 15 percent discount on self storage units at convenient locations throughout the area.

Reserve your storage unit online, and mention “teacher” or “student”. Continue reading