Packing Plates

How to Safely Pack Your Plates

When moving from one residence to another, packing can be somewhat difficult. This may be especially so when it comes to items that are breakable, namely in the kitchen. Packing plates is tricky because not only does the homeowner or renter have to worry about these items breaking during the move but they may also become chipped, cracked or otherwise broken when placing them in storage containers. However, there are ways to safely and effectively pack plates so this does not occur.

Use Smaller Boxes

When choosing a storage container, select a professional moving box and not one from the grocery store. Obtain a moving box that is a small size, but will fit your plates vertically. Because when it comes times to moving the small boxes of plates it will be less stressful on your body. Remember you can always find the right moving box from your local self storage facility.

Space Fillers

One of the most important things when packing plates safely is to ensure that there is something to fill the spaces between them, including spaces between the container and plates. There are a variety of products on the market that may be used, such as bubble wrap, foam squares or even foam wrap. While some may choose to use newspaper, this is not recommended as it does not offer much in terms of support and the ink from the newspaper can actually stain your dishes. Most self storage facilities will have dish packing sets. The packing sets have cardboard spacers and come with durable foam wraps.

Proper Arrangement

When packing your plates, place the plates vertically in the box. This will provide an additional level of protect and will minimize any vibrations that could cause chipping or cracking. Also try to group similar sized plates together. This will also minimize any unnecessary movement between the plates.

Packing Separately

When packing up kitchen plates, make sure they are packed separately from other kitchen items such as pots, pans and other types of utensils. These items are not only often more durable, but can also chip and break the plates. Not only can this help prevent damaging the dishes but can simplify the process for everyone involved and assist in keeping on schedule.

Self Storage Tips

If the dishes will not be for immediate use, many homeowners and renters rely on renting a self storage unit. This can help prevent the plates from just being thrown around in an attic, basement or other area of the residence where they can be easily damaged. Using a self storage unit can also save valuable cabinet space and help declutter your home.

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