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Tips on Merging Households

Merging Households: Planning, Packing, and Storing

You’ve both finally agreed to share the same address, and you each have a lifetime of stuff to pack, transport and rearrange under one roof. Wherever you settle here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, merging households opens up a bright new chapter. This is a milestone that deserves celebrating, but it’s also a good time to start thinking ahead about planning, packing and storage. Continue reading

How Downsizing Can Save You Money

How Downsizing Can Save Your Money
Your monthly bills keep going up, and the house needs repairs. The home that seemed bursting at the seams with family is quiet now. Perhaps it’s time for your real estate investment to pay off. From shrinking wallets and empty nests to cashing out, there comes a time when downsizing makes sense. If you’re living in more space than you really need, trade it for something smaller, and put the difference in your pocket. Continue reading

Free Up Space and Store Seasonal Items

Seasonal StoragePeople who live in apartments often have the same complaint: there is not enough space. Too often, renters cut down to the bare minimum of personal items just to fit into their apartments. However, there is a better option. Renters who have found the apartment storage solution are able to keep their things and their sanity. There are many things that can be stored when not in use. Here are 4 easy ways to free up space in your apartment without getting rid of anything.

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5 DIY Shelving Projects For Your Storage Unit

Five Shelving Options For Self StorageIf you’ve got clutter in your storage unit that you just don’t know how to tame, you may have researched shelving options and found out how expensive they can be. Shelving projects for your storage unit don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can easily tackle some DIY projects to come up with some crafty solutions to help you organize your storage space.

Pallet Shelving -  This thrifty option can help maximize your storage space without costing much. Use the 2×4’s from oversized pallets to save money, and get some sturdy screws and bolts from yard sales to further cut down on cost.

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How To Get Your Storage Unit Ready For Spring

How To Get Your Storage Space Ready For Spring

Blue skies, warmer weather and that extra bounce in your step are sure signs that spring is finally here. It’s time to stash away the winter stuff and liberate your summer things. From clearing out the closets to cleaning up the garage, you’re ready to tackle seasonal chores, but is your dependable self storage unit ready? It deserves a little springtime sprucing up, and a smart approach makes the job easier while you reclaim much-needed storage space.

Throw That Door Open

Climate-controlled storage keeps your things safe from temperature extremes all year, but spring is the perfect time to air out the unit while you perform a few light housekeeping duties. Take blankets and drop cloths off furniture, and give them a good shake. Chase dust off shelves and boxes, and finish up with some quick broom work. Shore up your own earth-friendly critter defenses with cedar blocks in the corners, diatomaceous earth along the baseboards, and a few air fresheners hung from the ceiling. Continue reading

Self Storage for Business Documents in Dallas

Benefits of Storing Business Documents Using Self Storage

If you find yourself moving boxes of files everyday to maneuver around the office, it is time to consider business document storage. Businesses are required to save certain documents, including worker’s compensation claims and taxes, for several years. Sometimes the preferred saving period can be as long as 10 years or more. Moving files that are not accessed on a daily basis to a self storage unit benefits employees, owners and even customers. Whether you are a large insurance corporation or a freelance writer, self storage can work wonders for your productivity and space issues. Continue reading

How To Store Holiday Lights

Storing Christmas LightsWe all laugh at the scene from ‘Christmas Vacation’ where Clark asks Rusty to help with the Christmas lights, then hands him a giant tangled ball of lights. What is funny on screen is not so funny when it’s real life. Each year we ask ourselves why we didn’t take the time to untangle and organize the lights last year. Make this the year that you put your lights away tangle-free so that next year’s tree decorating party is a joy rather than a pain.

There are numerous ways that you can store your light strings to save storage space and keep them tangle free. Here are our top tips on how to store Christmas lights: Continue reading

Moving Supply List

Must Have Moving Supplies

There’s something about self storage that brings out your hidden powers of organization especially when you’re in the middle of a move. It’s satisfying to access things whenever you need them, and smart packing keeps it all in great shape. Whether you’re naturally talented at the art of organizing or just need some practical ideas, here’s a handy list of must-have moving supplies. Continue reading