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Long-Term Car Storage In Dallas

When the Garage Isn’t an Option

If your car spends more time in the garage than out on the road, why let it take up all that floor space? You might be organizing the household for a cross-country move or planning an overseas relocation. Many homeowners’ associations have strict rules about parking commercial vehicles in the driveway, and you wouldn’t leave that classic set of wheels out by the curb. There are as many reasons for long-term car storage as there are makes and models. When it’s time to park your car in its own home away from home, consider the advantages of our Assured Self Storage facilities.

  • Drive-Up Convenience – Wherever you’re located in the Dallas area, we have modern facilities nearby that offer a variety of solutions for your parking problems. Whether you need indoor or outdoor vehicle storage, our wide driveways and 24/7 access take care of your car storage needs coming and going.
  • Solid Security – Are you storing an American classic? Keep those valuable wheels safe in a well-lit, fenced facility that provides security around the clock. High-tech surveillance cameras keep an eye on everything, and pass-code gates only allow authorized entrance. Your locked storage unit is your assurance against theft and vandalism
  • Budget-Friendly Options – Because we’re the leading storage company in Dallas, our rates are highly competitive, and we don’t require long-term leases. You can store the car for a month, park it for a year, or rent one of our drive-up self-storage units on a month-to month basis.
  • Indoor Protection – If you opt for indoor vehicle storage, you don’t have to worry about the north Texas weather. Expensive interiors and upholstery beat summer’s worst heat, the engine stays protected from winter blasts, and birds don’t drop in on your beautiful paint job.
  • Online Ease – You’re always in touch with your self-storage unit through our convenient online portals. With just a few quick clicks, you can set up an account, pay through our website and keep track of your rental history. If you need extra space, just browse our pages for lists of available unit sizes and affordable rates.

Read our article on the 12 steps to get your car ready for storage.

Assured Self Storage Offers It All

If you’d like more information about parking the car in a secure spot, contact our helpful professionals here at any one of of Dallas storage facilities. We offer a wide range of automobile storage solutions, and we’ll help you locate a nearby facility that fits your plans and your wheels. When you store the car with us, long-term parking is never a problem.

Famous Hoarders in History

If you’ve looked around town, there’s a self storage unit almost in every major city. They are growing in popularity because more people are recognizing the need to get rid of clutter and make their homes more organized. Self storage provides a place to store the items cluttering your home until you can find a better use for them. If you have trouble getting rid of items, you may gain insight from this article about famous hoarders and be inspired to secure a storage unit. Here’s what you need to know about disposophobia or pathological hoarding: Continue reading

Why Dallas Is For Dog Lovers

Dallas Best City For Dog Lovers
If you think you’re excited about moving to Dallas, just ask your dog what he thinks. It’s common canine knowledge that this is one of the best big cities for pets in general and dogs in particular. You don’t even have to live in the heart of Big D to enjoy all the animal-friendly amenities. Here are five things about your new hometown that will put a special wag in your pup’s tail. Continue reading

9 Clutter Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

9 Interesting Statistics on Clutter

You straighten up closets, clean out corners, and move things to the garage, but stacks and boxes keep multiplying. You need two things: motivation and modern self storage. Here are nine clutter statistics guaranteed to inspire.

1. There’s nothing wrong with being a creature of habit. That explains why you only wear 20 percent of the clothes you own 80 percent of the time. There’s nothing wrong with staying comfortable, but all that stuff you’re not wearing takes up extra space in closets and drawers.

stat-one Continue reading

Where To Donate Your Unwanted Items In Dallas / Fort Worth

6 Dallas Charities To Donate Unwanted Items

That sofa in your self-storage unit isn’t coming home anytime soon. Those boxes filled with clothes need to go. From spare chairs to excess kitchenware, your convenient storage space is starting to fill up. It’s time to get organized, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to some great organizations that are always happy to take in your gently-used stuff. These six groups will really appreciate your generous donations. Continue reading

Teacher and Student Discounts

Self Storage Discount for Teachers and StudentsIf you’re a teacher or student in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you know all about the seasonal headaches that come with the end of each school year. It’s great to have a summer break from classes, but moving in and out of apartments and dorms can be an expensive chore. Assured Self Storage wants to help, so we’re offering DFW teachers and students a 15 percent discount on self storage units at convenient locations throughout the area.

Reserve your storage unit online, and mention “teacher” or “student”. Continue reading

3 Questions to Ask When Renting Your First Storage Unit

Self Storage Questions First Time Renters Should AnswerYour friends might be surprised to learn that this is your first time. Don’t feel shy about it. Some folks do it all the time, and others never will. Whatever your reasons for making the decision, it’s a good idea to develop a smart strategy. A little planning goes a long way, so think through your options, and pay attention to the details. Before you rent your first storage unit, consider these three important questions.

1. What Do You Want to Store?

The obvious answer isn’t your best guideline because it can be too broad. You plan on storing things you won’t need while you’re away at school. Perhaps the family’s moving to a new home, and you need to park furniture during the transition. Continue reading

Wintery Days in Storage

Our managers are always working hard to keep our driveways and parking areas free of ice so you can access your storage unit. Today brought us a beautiful mix of white snow and we have some pictures to share.











Have Fun, Stay Warm!