Moving Supply List

Must Have Moving Supplies

There’s something about self storage that brings out your hidden powers of organization especially when you’re in the middle of a move. It’s satisfying to access things whenever you need them, and smart packing keeps it all in great shape. Whether you’re naturally talented at the art of organizing or just need some practical ideas, here’s a handy list of must-have moving supplies.

Moving Boxes – These are the basics, but go for a variety of sizes. Save your back by putting heavy items in smaller cartons, and fill all your boxes to the top so they’ll stack without caving in.

Wardrobe Boxes – Protect your clothes by hanging them in these clever cardboard closets. Wardrobe boxes keep clothes fresh and dust-free, and they’re ideal for seasonal storage.

Cardboard Separators – Use these convenient spacers to protect dishes and glassware inside your boxes. They add strength to storage cartons and an extra layer of safety for breakables.

Storage Packing Tape and Tape Dispenser – Sealing your boxes goes faster with tape meant for the job. A dispenser keeps the work from getting sticky and makes finishing up a snap.

Wrapping Paper – Use tissue and paper towels for your smaller breakables, and protect larger things with white paper and unprinted newspaper stock. Stuff it generously between wrapped items for even more protection.

Bubble Wrap – This is your best choice for breakables. It’s available in rolls of different widths and often perforated for easy sizing. You’ll also find versions that are made like pockets for holding small items.

Stretch Wrap – Your sofa will stay dust-free with this great storage material, and it keeps the cushions in place. Wrap the doors and drawers on furniture to keep them from swinging and sliding open.

Sharpie Markers – Label boxes so you’ll know what’s where without having to open everything back up. Using different colored markers makes it even easier to find what you need with a quick look.

Mattress Bags – These storage necessities do more than keep your bedding dust-free; they prevent mold, ward off that musty smell and keep creepy bed bugs at bay. Your mattress needs to breathe, so always use cotton bags.

Forearm Lifting or Moving Straps – Arm wrestling with a washer and dryer can wear you out, but these smart attachments give you a big moving advantage. They’re handy helpers with heavy furniture too.

Moving Dolly – You can move twice as much in half the time with this sturdy helper, and it’s great for transferring boxes and heavy items from your truck to the unit. The staff at your storage facility will usually have dollies that you can borrow.

You can always buy packing supplies at one of our Assured Self Storage facilities, and even after you’ve finished moving, our climate-controlled storage units are inexpensive floor space for things that you don’t need right away. Indulge in some well-deserved leisure time because you deserve it. You’ve organized the move like a pro, and all your things will be fine in that secure self-storage facility.

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