Long-Term Car Storage In Dallas

When the Garage Isn’t an Option

If your car spends more time in the garage than out on the road, why let it take up all that floor space? You might be organizing the household for a cross-country move or planning an overseas relocation. Many homeowners’ associations have strict rules about parking commercial vehicles in the driveway, and you wouldn’t leave that classic set of wheels out by the curb. There are as many reasons for long-term car storage as there are makes and models. When it’s time to park your car in its own home away from home, consider the advantages of our Assured Self Storage facilities.

  • Drive-Up Convenience – Wherever you’re located in the Dallas area, we have modern facilities nearby that offer a variety of solutions for your parking problems. Whether you need indoor or outdoor vehicle storage, our wide driveways and 24/7 access take care of your car storage needs coming and going.
  • Solid Security – Are you storing an American classic? Keep those valuable wheels safe in a well-lit, fenced facility that provides security around the clock. High-tech surveillance cameras keep an eye on everything, and pass-code gates only allow authorized entrance. Your locked storage unit is your assurance against theft and vandalism
  • Budget-Friendly Options – Because we’re the leading storage company in Dallas, our rates are highly competitive, and we don’t require long-term leases. You can store the car for a month, park it for a year, or rent one of our drive-up self-storage units on a month-to month basis.
  • Indoor Protection – If you opt for indoor vehicle storage, you don’t have to worry about the north Texas weather. Expensive interiors and upholstery beat summer’s worst heat, the engine stays protected from winter blasts, and birds don’t drop in on your beautiful paint job.
  • Online Ease – You’re always in touch with your self-storage unit through our convenient online portals. With just a few quick clicks, you can set up an account, pay through our website and keep track of your rental history. If you need extra space, just browse our pages for lists of available unit sizes and affordable rates.

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Assured Self Storage Offers It All

If you’d like more information about parking the car in a secure spot, contact our helpful professionals here at any one of of Dallas storage facilities. We offer a wide range of automobile storage solutions, and we’ll help you locate a nearby facility that fits your plans and your wheels. When you store the car with us, long-term parking is never a problem.

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