Keep Your Storage Unit Organized With These Five Items From The Container Store

Anyone can benefit from a more organized lifestyle. This is especially true when it comes to your home. With a little help from The Container Store you can find the perfect storage products to help keep your self storage unit organized and your items easily accessible.

Stor-Pod Shelf Enclosure

If you plan to place a shelving unit filled with items from the attic, basement or garage into storage, you have to make sure that your household items are free from dust, moisture and bugs. This is possible by using a Stor-Pod Shelf Enclosure over your shelving unit. The shelving enclosure is made from a special vinyl material that lets air circulate and at the same time, prevents mildew. It comes with a zipper door, which you can roll up and tie back to provide easy access to your items inside.

Double Hang Clothes Closet

When you do not have enough room to store your winter or summer clothing, you can go with vertical storage like the Double Hang Clothes Closet. This just takes up 30 inches of floor space yet it provides up to 60 total inches of area to store your short hanging garments. The portable closet has a 2-way zipper on the front, which provides easy access to your clothing while in storage.

The Double Hang Clothes Closet is made from a steel frame, which is covered by a durable fabric. The shelves inside can hold your sweaters and a couple pairs of shoes. It is enclosed entirely to prevent pests and dust from entering. It is simple to assemble since it does not require any tools.

Space Bag Cube Combo Pack

To store bulky items like blankets, comforters, patio cushions, pillows and garments, you can use the Space Bag Cube Combo Pack, which decreases volume as it increases protection. This innovative vacuum-sealed system for storage is easy to use. Insert your dry items into a bag and use an ordinary vacuum device to eliminate air inside it. This system is not only simple but practical, since you can reuse the bags. The absence of air will keep away moisture, mildew, dust, insects, discoloration and foul odors. The Space Bag Cube Combo Pack can decrease the volume of your goods by 75%.

Clear Watertight Totes

To store large volumes of stuff around the house, you can use Clear Watertight Totes. These stackable containers, which are made from ultra polypropylene material, can shield them from pests, dirt and moisture. The clear plastic will let you easily see the contents of the box so you do not have to keep opening boxes to find that one particular item you need. The boxes are also suitable for boating or camping. They have two latches that keep the lid secured to the base, giving a seal that is not only airtight but watertight as well.

Authentic Dairy Crate

The Authentic Crate, which is similar to those used at dairies, is one of the initial products offered by The Container Store. These crates are available in a range of colors and have cut-out handles. Their interior’s dimensions are 12″ sq. x 10-3/8″ h. Another product that is a bit larger than this is the Supreme Crate, which is just as durable. It is large enough to house a collection of your favorite record albums. These crates are easily stackable and makes organizing your storage unit a breeze.

Different storage products from The Container Store will enable you to organize your storage unit while keeping your belongings protected from dust, moisture and bugs while in self storage. Moreover, they can help you declutter your home, making your living area more spacious and clutter free.

If you need additional storage supplies, our Assured Self Storage facilities offer a variety of packing boxes, bubble and shrink wrap, furniture and dust covers, packing tape and locks.

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