How To Store A Couch

Tips on Properly Storing Your Sofa in a Self Storage Unit

Whether you’re indulging in binge TV or a well-deserved nap, it’s always there for you. It quietly supports visiting friends, bouncing kids and shedding pets. Your sofa even doubles up as an extra bed when the house gets crowded. There’s no denying its important place in your life and home. When the time comes to move the couch into a secure self storage unit, give it the attention it deserves.

Groom That Sofa

You wouldn’t hang dirty clothes in the closet, so don’t send your sofa to storage without a good cleaning. Start by removing the cushions and checking those deep folds that catch loose change. Use a hand vacuum to clear the crumb cache and eliminate any potential bug buffets. Apply the same diligence to the entire couch so it’s free of dust and pet hair, and polish wooden trim and legs. Check the manufacturer’s tag on one of the cushions for information about your sofa’s material, and use an appropriate spray cleaner. Let everything dry thoroughly, so you won’t have to worry about mold or mildew while you store your sofa.

Move With Care

When you’re ready to relocate the couch, consider the advantages of a ground floor unit. Drive-up self storage access makes it easier to unload and retrieve heavy furniture. Keep that weight in mind before you lift up one end of the sofa and drag it across the room. The strain on your back also puts a torque on the furniture’s frame, but a little strategy can save you both from damage. Placing plastic discs or cardboard squares under the legs makes it easy to slide your couch through the house even across heavy carpet. Load it up in a van or truck big enough for the move, and use blankets to cushion the ride.

Make It Comfortable

Climate-controlled self storage is your sofa’s best temporary home away from home. Take advantage of its freshly circulated air, and give the couch breathing room. Don’t store it against a wall or cover it with plastic as this can trap moisture and cause mildew or mold problems. Give it a lift on tarp-covered wooden pallets. This creates a moisture barrier between the sofa and concrete flooring with plenty of support for its heavy frame. Protect the fabric with soft cotton sheets, this will allow the couch to breathe while keeping dust from settling on the couch. Finally, discourage bugs that might be interested in your cozy couch. Use a natural approach by dusting around the self storage unit’s baseboards and wall seams with diatomaceous earth or boric acid, and decorate with an natural air freshener like lavender.

Avoid Easy Mistakes

If you’ve seen a friend store a sofa propped against the wall and standing on end, have a little sympathy for that abused furniture. It’s designed to distribute heavy weight, but acrobatic storage solutions put serious stress on its construction. The same principle applies to the couch’s legs. There’s no need to remove them before you move it into storage. Keep your seating safe and level by letting it rest just like it would at home. Don’t treat it like extra storage space. Piles of boxes crush cushions and springs leaving permanent marks and dents. Resist the temptation to turn the couch into a blanket hamper because that extra bedding can bleed permanent fabric stains into your upholstery.

Assured Self Storage

One of your best resources for self storage tips also helps with extras like truck rentals and moving supplies. The professional self storage management teams at Assured Self Storage deal with temporary and long-term solutions for everything from parking RVs to stashing unused household goods. We are happy to make arrangements for your couch’s temporary lodgings. You can rest easy knowing that your favorite piece of furniture is comfortable until it’s ready to come home.

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