How to Store a Mattress

How To Store A MattressSpace maybe at a premium around you house and large unused items like a mattress can easily take up a significant amount of it. To help free up space in the house many Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners and renters decide to store their mattresses in a local self storage unit.

Even when taking advantage of the benefits that self storage has to offer, there are a few things that the individuals will need to do to help protect the mattress while in storage. These simple tips can help avoid some of the most common types of damage that can occur while storing this type of furniture.

Protective Barriers

When storing a mattress, a protective barrier is needed to avoid some of the most common types of damages. A mattress bag is a quick and effective solution. These durable bags are made of strong plastic or similar materials such as polythene. They are available in multiple sizes and are usually quite affordable. These offer protection against pests, dust and moisture. The mattress should be measured to ensure the proper size. Before sealing the mattress in the bag, it is recommended to make sure to vacuum both sides of the mattress, rub it down with antibacterial wipes, inspect the bag to ensure that there is nothing else in it and remove any extra air. Usually this can easily be done by sucking the excess air out with a vacuum.

Preventing Rips and Tears

When actually moving the mattress into the storage unit, rips and tears can occur, especially on the corners and edges. This can easily be avoided while using extra caution during the moving process and padding corners. Although there are several ways of doing this, cardboard can be an easy and inexpensive option. Apply cardboard over each of the four corners, ensuring there is enough to offer protection all the way around. The cardboard should be secured so that it does not shift or fall off. Also, it helps to not drag the mattress during the moving process but to actually lift it into the storage unit.

Importance of Placement

When placing the mattress in the storage unit, it is important to do so very carefully. This means placing it on top of something, such as a pallet for example. While flooding is not a common occurrence in Texas, things can and do happen and some moisture is inevitable despite dry climates. Therefore, placing it so that it is not in direct contact with the floor is always recommended. This combined with encasing the mattress can prevent mold, mildew and other common problems associated with mattress storage. These things are almost always preventable. Lying the mattress flat or placing it standing on one end on the pallet is strongly recommended. It should not be leaned against other items, or even a wall if preventable. It is important to maintain the form of the mattress while kept in storage.

Other Protective Measures

These are just a few of the measures that any homeowner or renter can take in order to keep their mattress safe during storage. Other things can include placing the mattress away from other objects in the storage unit that may cause harm and using extra caution during the moving process to ensure the protective barrier is not punctured or torn. For example, store the mattress towards the back or side of the unit and keep a distance between it and other storage items, especially those that can poke, tear or otherwise harm the mattress or the mattress cover.

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