How To Hire Moving Day Labor

How To Find A Hourly Moving Helper

Moving often turns out to be a bigger job than you originally anticipated. There never seems to be enough help around when you need it. Friends and family members that promised to help are often hard to track down on the actual day of the move. Between endless boxes and awkward pieces of furniture that you don’t want to break, the more hands on board, the easier the task. Fortunately, if you find that you need extra help on moving day, there are some convenient options that you can turn to. Let’s look at three websites that can provide you with some assistance.

1. College Hunks Moving

College Hunks Moving HelpersCollege Hunks Moving, despite the casual sounding name, is actually an INC 500 Company that is available throughout the nation. They offer a variety of services related to moving and junk removal. Some of their benefits of this popular service include:

  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured -This is important when safeguarding your possessions to anyone’s care. All College Hunks team members are professionally trained as well as licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Same Day Service -While it’s always preferable to plan ahead, sometimes you find yourself in an emergency situation on moving day. Perhaps you were counting on help that never showed up. In such a situation, College Hunks Moving can accommodate you, even at the last minute.
  • Use Your Equipment or Theirs -Whether you simply want help loading your own truck or if you need someone to show up at your door with the perfect sized moving truck, College Hunks can provide you with either.
  • Free Estimates -You can always call or fill out their web form for an estimate with no obligation.

2. Hire a Helper

Hire A HelperHire a Helper has a simple business model that makes it easy to hire moving help. You are responsible for providing your own moving vehicle. You then find the help you need at an agreed upon rate and starting time. You pay in advance and the helper will call you to confirm. Hire a Helper allows you to choose the most appropriate helper, based on location, reviews, availability and price.

  • Simple Pricing -Since you pay up front, there are no surprises later on.
  • Detailed Listings -Helpers list all of their credentials and what type of equipment they provide.
  • Customer Reviews -You can read unbiased reviews before hiring anyone.

3. Task Rabbit

Task RabbitWhile Task Rabbit is not specifically a moving service, it’s a popular and convenient site where you can find local help for almost any task. There’s a good chance you will be able to recruit someone for moving help on this site.

  • With Task Rabbit, you post the job you want done and either name a specific price or request bids. Of course, the higher the price you’re willing to pay, the more likely it is you’ll find someone.
  • Review Task Rabbits -You can check out the credentials of potential helpers before hiring anyone. You can also have someone assigned to you if you prefer. With Task Rabbit, it’s best to post the job at least a few days in advance, especially if you want to get a few different bids.
  • With Task Rabbit, you don’t pay for the job until it’s completed.

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Assured Self Storage does not endorse these individual companies and due diligence must be used when hiring an hourly moving helper. 

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