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How to Get Your RV Out of Winter Storage and Road Ready!

An RV self storage facility can be an excellent place to keep recreational vehicles safe and protected during the winter months. The arrival of spring means it’s time to remove your RV from self storage and perform some general maintenance before camping for the first time. It can be easy to overlook some important details, which is why an inspection checklist can be a handy tool for you to have when looking your RV over.

Before Driving the RV Out of the Storage Unit…

Before driving your vehicle out of self storage, it’s important to check underneath the hood:

  • Carefully inspect the belts and hoses to make sure they have not cracked or dry-rotted over the winter.
  • Look underneath your vehicle for signs of fluid on the floor of the RV storage facility, as this could indicate a leak is present that would require immediate attention.
  • Check all fluid levels as well as battery cable connections to make sure they are all in order.

Once You Get the RV Home…

Now is the time to check the engine and clean out the RV!

  • While in secure storage, your RV could be the target of rats, mice or bugs. In order to be sure there are no infestations, you should inspect your vehicle thoroughly inside and out. Some places to check inside the camper are the mattress, vents and cabinets, and areas outside to look include the tailpipe and engine block.
  • Your entire water system should be flushed and refilled including the water heater. While you are flushing and refilling water tanks, you should also check to see if any leaks developed while in secure storage. Be sure to completely eliminate any rust or debris, and then completely clean and disinfect toilets, showers and sinks.
  • Your camper could be a little musty smelling after being in an RV storage facility for the winter. Now is the time to air it out while you wash down walls, ceilings, fixtures and cabinets with a mild detergent. After that is done, you’ll need to vacuum mattresses and chair cushions before steam cleaning the carpets. You may also want to take down draperies and wash them in hot water as well.
  • Appliances can also retain an odor while your RV is in secure storage. Wipe down your stove, microwave and refrigerator thoroughly inside and out. To remove a musty odor from your refrigerator, you could use a few drops of vanilla extract in a bucket of hot water. A paste of baking soda and lemon juice will work wonders to degrease your oven and leave it smelling fresh and clean.

You’ll Be on the Road Before You Know It!

After removing your RV from self storage, it only takes a little bit of time to get it ready for use again. The time will be well spent once you are on the open road and traveling in the comfort of your very own recreational vehicle. If you need RV storage in Dallas, TX, feel free to contact us at Assured Self Storage and we’ll hook you up!

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