How To Get Your Storage Unit Ready For Spring

How To Get Your Storage Space Ready For Spring

Blue skies, warmer weather and that extra bounce in your step are sure signs that spring is finally here. It’s time to stash away the winter stuff and liberate your summer things. From clearing out the closets to cleaning up the garage, you’re ready to tackle seasonal chores, but is your dependable self storage unit ready? It deserves a little springtime sprucing up, and a smart approach makes the job easier while you reclaim much-needed storage space.

Throw That Door Open

Climate-controlled storage keeps your things safe from temperature extremes all year, but spring is the perfect time to air out the unit while you perform a few light housekeeping duties. Take blankets and drop cloths off furniture, and give them a good shake. Chase dust off shelves and boxes, and finish up with some quick broom work. Shore up your own earth-friendly critter defenses with cedar blocks in the corners, diatomaceous earth along the baseboards, and a few air fresheners hung from the ceiling.

Make Space-Saving Decisions

As you work your way around the unit, take stock of your stuff, and divide it into four categories. The first group belongs outside the door because it’s headed for the dumpster. With just this pile of trash out of the way, you’ve already reclaimed valuable floor space. Make even more room with a second pass by setting aside items for donation to local charities. Your third option clears the deck and puts money in your pocket with a collection of things destined for eBay or a weekend garage sale. This strategy frees up plenty of room for that important fourth category: the belongings you want to keep. Rearranging your storage priorities always adds up to extra space.

Pamper Your Stored Stuff

Once you’ve cleaned up and reorganized, shower your belongings with springtime care. Clothes are easier to store and retrieve when they hang in cardboard wardrobe boxes, and furniture breathes easier when it’s off the floor on wooden palettes. Small boxes and fragile items are safer on shelving while plastic bins provide perfect dry storage for books and papers. Full-service self storage facilities carry a great assortment of products that make life in the unit easier on your stuff, so take advantage of their offerings, and make your belongings feel at home. Be sure to leave pathways around everything for easy navigation and fresh air circulation especially in the back of the unit.

Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle

A clean self storage unit with room to spare stays that way with a little planning, so head off future clutter with a few simple strategies. Consolidate your freshly reorganized stuff by grouping things in an order that makes sense. You’ll be retrieving that jet ski during the summer, so park it by the front door. The less often you need to access something, the further back it belongs. Labeling boxes saves rummaging around and ups the ante on quick recovery. Finally, sketch a map to your stored treasures, and tuck it close by the door. This gives you a handy index that makes it easy to find things you’ve stored no matter how long it’s been.

It’s easy to uncover extra room in your unit with a quick cleanup. This is the best time of year for seasonal organizing, so take stock, rearrange things, and then enjoy another year of securely stashing all the extras from around the house and garage. Affordable self storage is your springboard for extra space that lasts all year long.

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