Self Storage for Business Documents in Dallas

Benefits of Storing Business Documents Using Self Storage

If you find yourself moving boxes of files everyday to maneuver around the office, it is time to consider business document storage. Businesses are required to save certain documents, including worker’s compensation claims and taxes, for several years. Sometimes the preferred saving period can be as long as 10 years or more. Moving files that are not accessed on a daily basis to a self storage unit benefits employees, owners and even customers. Whether you are a large insurance corporation or a freelance writer, self storage can work wonders for your productivity and space issues.

Freeing Up Office Space

The instant benefit of using self storage for your business documents is increased space. You now have room for another employee or open work desk. Field salesmen that do not have a dedicated office can use an open desk to contact clients and feel part of the team, for example.

Your daily office employees experience increased productivity. The open space makes traveling within the office faster, allowing people to grab a file quickly and sit back down to analyze the data. A customer at the front counter does not have to wait as you try to maneuver around stacked boxes from the back area. You even increase safety with less obstacles in the office that can potentially trip an employee. Self storage produces the space you need to maximize your efficiency and productivity.

Climate Controlled Storage

Documents stored in boxes and relegated to the back warehouse are at risk of damage. Over time, humidity and dust particles slowly deteriorate the stored paper. If they are stacked on the floor, flood risks and water damage also increase possible destruction of your business’s records.

Self storage units are climate-controlled 24 hours a day. Humidity levels are kept to a minimum, while dust is not an issue because of the filtered air. Although most units are completely secure, it is a good idea to stack your document boxes on a wooden pallet, or other support. If there is a leak or flood, your documents are kept safe above the water line.

Sensitive Documents

Businesses may have sensitive information about people, including medical records or photographs. A self storage unit keeps all of these records away from the general employee pool. For example, an employee can walk into a warehouse and pull any information they like from a box in a back corner. With self storage, only key employees or owners have access to the documents, protecting accounts and personal information.

Effectively Organize Documents

It may be tempting to simply stack all of your boxes randomly in the storage unit and return to work, but it is critical to start with good organization. Each box should be numbered or lettered, such as box 1A. Write this number on all four sides of the box for easy reading. Open each box and evaluate the contents. Using a computer spreadsheet, list all the items in detail for box 1A. This strategy allows you to inventory the information without writing all the details on the box itself.

Once you have inventoried all the boxes on the spreadsheet, it is time to stack them in the storage unit. The boxes do not need to be in numerical order. In fact, you should stack them according to priority. Boxes that will not need to be accessed for a long time should be near the back of the unit. Stack boxes that will be potentially used in the next few months near the front. You save considerable time with organized stacking, along with inventory spreadsheets.

Reserve a Storage Unit for Your Business Documents

Evaluate your document storage needs today and contact Assured Self Storage for a quote or call now: 877-992-7787. If you are in need for a self storage unit we have 23 locations in the DFW area to accommodate your storage needs. Reserve your space now!

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