5 DIY Shelving Projects For Your Storage Unit

Five Shelving Options For Self StorageIf you’ve got clutter in your storage unit that you just don’t know how to tame, you may have researched shelving options and found out how expensive they can be. Shelving projects for your storage unit don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can easily tackle some DIY projects to come up with some crafty solutions to help you organize your storage space.

Pallet Shelving -  This thrifty option can help maximize your storage space without costing much. Use the 2×4’s from oversized pallets to save money, and get some sturdy screws and bolts from yard sales to further cut down on cost.

Tote Shelving - Incorporate a storage bin shelving system in your storage unit or garage. This one holds 12 tote bins, allowing for easy retrieval when you need them. Label each tote for quick identification and ease of use.

Lazy Susan - This is the biggest, most functional lazy susan you’ll ever see. With plenty of large, varied spots to put anything from spray cans to jars full of nails, this DIY space saver will help you keep all your tools, pet food, soup cans, and supplies all in one central place that you can easily spin for convenience.

Record Storage Box Shelving - This is a great option for business owners. Store all of your company documents, records and important paperwork within easy to locate bins that hold standard-sized records. You even have the option to build them as deep as you want depending on your measurements and parameters. Use either cardboard or plastic storage bins and label them as needed for easy retrieval.

Pipe Shelving - Imagine creating your own shelving out of steel pipes to create bigger than average shelving units that are built to last. Tackle your toughest storage dilemmas by custom designing pipe shelves that take on any measurements you want. Using poles and clamps, you can integrate one long shelving unit as opposed to several smaller ones, perfect for all your various sized paint cans, tools, boxes, sports equipment, books, stereo system and collectibles.

The goods news is you can play around with the measurements to fit your exact storage needs rather than trying to cram your stuff into pre-cut, expensive shelving units. Get inspiration from the ideas above and take the time to make your own DIY shelving for your storage unit. The end result is a customized solution that provides the organization that you need for your unit.

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