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Smart Storage Solutions for Your Short-Term Move

Storage Decision For Short-Term MoveEvery relocation usually involves a stop at the self storage facility. It’s perfect for holding belongings while making that transition from the old place to your new home. When you know that your move to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area is short-term, where do you stash your stuff? Here are some strategies for self storage in Dallas.

Leave It At Home

You plan on eventually returning, so it seems logical to store things back at your hometown. Moving from a house in one city to an apartment in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex doesn’t leave much room for furniture and belongings that you have accumulated over the years. Self storage is an economical solution in preventing overcrowding in the new place, but how far will you have to travel if you change your mind about that favorite recliner? Having second thoughts can add to the mileage you’ve already invested in the move.

Take It With You

The alternative plan is simple. Put everything on the moving van, and drop off the extras in a Dallas storage unit once you arrive. Again, there’s no need to worry about the furniture or those boxes of books because the self storage facility is secure and nearby. Whether the short-term stay lasts for six months or stretches to a couple of years, you can always visit the storage unit and retrieve whatever you need. As long as there’s no one back home who also needs access to that spare furniture or those books, keeping everything near your new place makes sense. However, storing things that you don’t need now means paying for their move back home when your stay in the Metroplex is over. Taking everything with you adds to moving costs coming and going.

Double Down

A third strategy solves several problems with the first two plans: Keep a storage unit at your hometown and another one nearby your new place in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The idea of paying for two units might seem unusual, but the arrangement is temporary, and self storage is affordable. Keeping two units gives you a versatile solution for access, extra space and moving costs. If you know that you’ll join friends back home for those great fishing trips, leave the boat and tackle there. You want easy access to seasonal clothing, so put it on the list of things that go to self storage in Dallas. With two units, you’ll free up room for things that accumulate at your temporary place, and you’ll have that much less to pack up while incurring lower freight charges when it’s time to move back home.

Whatever game plan you choose for that short-term move, make a list with two columns. Decide on what you can live without and which things should be close by. Use your inventory as a guide, and then make your life easier and living space manageable by taking advantage of self storage. When your relocation is temporary, sometimes two solutions are better than one.