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How Downsizing Can Save You Money

How Downsizing Can Save Your Money
Your monthly bills keep going up, and the house needs repairs. The home that seemed bursting at the seams with family is quiet now. Perhaps it’s time for your real estate investment to pay off. From shrinking wallets and empty nests to cashing out, there comes a time when downsizing makes sense. If you’re living in more space than you really need, trade it for something smaller, and put the difference in your pocket. Continue reading

How To Properly Store A Refrigerator

How To Store A Fridge
Thank goodness you don’t have to move a refrigerator into self storage everyday. It’s a big job that requires a little planning, but it doesn’t have to turn into a heavy-duty headache. The fridge needs a complete cleaning, careful moving and its own safe spot in a climate-controlled storage unit. There’s not an app for all that yet, but these four tips keep work to a minimum and ensure you and your refrigerator survive the project without a scratch. Continue reading

Movie Poster Storage Tips

How To Properly Store Your Movie Poster

Whether they beckon from the reserves of an online dealer or you luck into something special at a yard sale, there’s no denying the allure of a classic movie poster. From vintage Hitchcock to “The Dark Knight Rises,” a small collection can easily turn into a great investment. These valuable paper sheets won’t fit in a safe deposit box, and your home isn’t an ideal environment for preservation. Your prized movie posters deserve the protection of climate-controlled self storage. Continue reading