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Free Up Space and Store Seasonal Items

Seasonal StoragePeople who live in apartments often have the same complaint: there is not enough space. Too often, renters cut down to the bare minimum of personal items just to fit into their apartments. However, there is a better option. Renters who have found the apartment storage solution are able to keep their things and their sanity. There are many things that can be stored when not in use. Here are 4 easy ways to free up space in your apartment without getting rid of anything.

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How To Store A Couch

Tips on Properly Storing Your Sofa in a Self Storage Unit

Whether you’re indulging in binge TV or a well-deserved nap, it’s always there for you. It quietly supports visiting friends, bouncing kids and shedding pets. Your sofa even doubles up as an extra bed when the house gets crowded. There’s no denying its important place in your life and home. When the time comes to move the couch into a secure self storage unit, give it the attention it deserves.

Groom That Sofa

You wouldn’t hang dirty clothes in the closet, so don’t send your sofa to storage without a good cleaning. Start by removing the cushions and checking those deep folds that catch loose change. Use a hand vacuum to clear the crumb cache and eliminate any potential bug buffets. Apply the same diligence to the entire couch so it’s free of dust and pet hair, and polish wooden trim and legs. Check the manufacturer’s tag on one of the cushions for information about your sofa’s material, and use an appropriate spray cleaner. Let everything dry thoroughly, so you won’t have to worry about mold or mildew while you store your sofa. Continue reading

3 Questions to Ask When Renting Your First Storage Unit

Self Storage Questions First Time Renters Should AnswerYour friends might be surprised to learn that this is your first time. Don’t feel shy about it. Some folks do it all the time, and others never will. Whatever your reasons for making the decision, it’s a good idea to develop a smart strategy. A little planning goes a long way, so think through your options, and pay attention to the details. Before you rent your first storage unit, consider these three important questions.

1. What Do You Want to Store?

The obvious answer isn’t your best guideline because it can be too broad. You plan on storing things you won’t need while you’re away at school. Perhaps the family’s moving to a new home, and you need to park furniture during the transition. Continue reading

Benefits of Using A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Climate Controlled Storage Benefits

As the weather changes, more people will be spring cleaning and moving, which necessitates the need for a storage unit. There are two type of self storage units that individuals can choose from, non-climate-controlled and climate-controlled. If you have items that you would not store in your own garage, then choosing a climate-controlled storage units is the best option. While many people think climate-controlled units cost too much, you’ll quickly realize that the benefits outweigh these additional costs. Here are the top benefits for using a climate-controlled storage unit. Continue reading