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Packing Plates

How to Safely Pack Your Plates

When moving from one residence to another, packing can be somewhat difficult. This may be especially so when it comes to items that are breakable, namely in the kitchen. Packing plates is tricky because not only does the homeowner or renter have to worry about these items breaking during the move but they may also become chipped, cracked or otherwise broken when placing them in storage containers. However, there are ways to safely and effectively pack plates so this does not occur. Continue reading

Best Storage Company in Dallas

How To Select The Best Storage Company in Dallas

It is very common for people to find themselves in situations where they need a place to store many of their belongings. As a resident, you need to decide on which self storage company in Dallas to use. The best way to decide on where to store your personal items is to take the time and make an informed decision. Too many people do not know anything about the company they leave their items with. Often times, these people end up with huge problems. They might lose hundreds or thousands of dollars because of theft or damaged items. Many items in storage also have sentimental value that can never be regained. The self storage company you choose should make protecting your personal property its top priority. You also want to be sure you choose a business that offers services that fit your lifestyle and has great customer service. Here are some things to consider when choosing a Dallas storage facility. Continue reading

Cardboard Boxes By The Numbers – Recycling Stats

Cardboard Recycling InfographicThe infographic, Cardboard Boxes by the Numbers – Recycling Stats, highlights how important recycling cardboard boxes are for the environment. Currently there are over 400 million tons of paper and cardboard being produced worldwide. Cardboard is the biggest component in anyone’s trash and the largest manufactured product in the waste stream (by weight). There is approximately 24.1 million tons of cardboard discarded each year due to the fact that 90% of items shipped within the United States are packaged in cardboard. Continue reading

How A Cheap Storage Unit Could Cost You More

The Value of a Cheap Storage UnitYou’re renting a metal room with a padlocked door, so why pay more than a cut rate? It’s smart to look for the best deal, but a cheap storage unit costs more in the long run than a few dollars saved on monthly fees. Before you sign the lease, think about the things that aren’t included at that bargain facility.

Security for Your Stuff

You wouldn’t sleep with just one door locked at home, so why rely on a storage facility that only provides the basics? A reputable self storage facility keeps your possessions safe with security strategies that include lighting systems, entry gate key codes, camera surveillance and password-only access to unit buildings. The weather doesn’t have to break in to cause problems like mold and mildew, but a climate-controlled environment secures your things against the elements. Automated sprinklers and alarm systems protect the premises against fire, and on-site management adds even more security to a professional self storage facility. Continue reading