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How To Store A Rug

Placing A Rug In Self StorageWhen you store your rug at a self storage facility, there are several preparation tips you need to consider for both long-term and short-term storage. These rug storage tips will help keep your rug in top shape until the next time you need it.

1. Make sure your rug is clean before placing it in storage. Any food particles that are left behind can attract bugs and pests. Also, dirt that is smashed into the fibers and left to sit for years can eventually cause your rug to dry rot. Take your rug to a specialty cleaner or use a self cleaner to get rid of any foreign particles before storage. After cleaning, you may want to apply odorless insect repellant on the outer layer on the rug (read the label before applying). There are some natural pest control remedies like MothFree that will help keep away moths and carpet beetles. Continue reading

How to Store a Mattress

How To Store A MattressSpace maybe at a premium around you house and large unused items like a mattress can easily take up a significant amount of it. To help free up space in the house many Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners and renters decide to store their mattresses in a local self storage unit.

Even when taking advantage of the benefits that self storage has to offer, there are a few things that the individuals will need to do to help protect the mattress while in storage. These simple tips can help avoid some of the most common types of damage that can occur while storing this type of furniture. Continue reading

Eastfield College Storage in Mesquite, TX

Storage Near Eastfield CollegeStorage may not seem high on the list of priorities for college students, but for students of Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas who are planning on living in a tiny dorm room or apartment close to campus, storage is a major issue worth considering. Thankfully, Assured Self Storage near Eastfield College provides the perfect solution for those who need to take important personal items with them when they head off to school. With their personal items safe and secure, students can remain focused on their studies and enjoy the college experience, not spend their time worrying about the well-being of their prized possessions.

When the fall semester rolls around, Eastfield college students often find that they have brought far too much furniture or personal belongings to comfortably fit in their new cramped quarters. Assured Self Storage is the ideal solution to this often overlooked problem, providing students and parents with added peace of mind during this exciting time. Continue reading