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How To Keep Unwanted Pests Out Of Your Storage Unit

Preventing Creepy Crawlies From Entering Your Storage Unit

You’ve neatly stacked boxes and stashed away furniture in your self-storage unit knowing that everything is safely locked up and secure from the elements. However, there are several species of native Texans just waiting to turn your storage space into their new home. Critters aren’t the problem; raccoons, possums and snakes can’t work the lock. It’s the creepy crawlies that know how to slip under the door and through the cracks. Continue reading

Using Wooden Pallet In Self Storage Unit

Protect Your Items In Self Storage With Wooden Pallets

Whether you’re in the process of moving or just need more space, self storage is ideal for those items that haven’t made it home yet or simply take up too much room. From furniture to boxed books, the unit holds everything with easy access and a high level of security. Adding wooden pallets to this convenient space makes it even safer for long and short-term storage. Continue reading

Ultimate Trailers For Football Tailgating

Texans love their football. The only thing that comes close to the excitement of enjoying a football game on the big screen is throwing a huge tailgate party for family and friends. Serious tailgaters in Texas can really go all out when it comes to food and drinks, but they need a way to set up shop in the perfect spot. Enter tailgating trailers – mobile units designed to treat the biggest footballs fans to the ultimate game day experience. Here are some of the most unique and unusual tailgating trailers around. Continue reading