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Self Storage for University of Texas at Arlington Students

UTA MavericksFor those University of Texas at Arlington college students planning to live in either a dorm room or apartment near campus, storage can certainly be an issue. When leaving certain personal items at home simply isn’t an option, Assured Self Storage in Arlington offers the perfect solution. With items stashed safely away in a secure storage unit, students can focus on what’s important. Studying! Continue reading

Garage Band Training in a Storage Unit

Forget the Garage: Become a Storage Unit Band

It’s hard to find a good space for band practice. Younger kids can use Mom and Dad’s basement or the family garage, but once you graduate and you’re on your own, finding a practice space becomes nearly impossible. Most young adults can’t afford a basement or garage of their own, and trying to make it in a big city means living in tiny apartments with landlords that don’t yet appreciate your band’s musical genius.

So where do you go to jam? Renting practice space in any metropolitan area is ridiculously expensive, and good luck finding an open practice slot. Many rock bands try to use open mic sessions as “practice time,” to disastrous results.

Instead, follow your neighbors’ example and go where big-city residents put the stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. Continue reading

Self Storage Tips

Tips on Properly Storing Your Items At A Self Storage Facility

>When it comes to proper storage, you will be surprised to see how often people do it wrong. They throw the things that are important to them into a storage unit, and they come back and find those same things wrecked. How can you make sure that your stored items stay in good shape? Check out these self storage tips that will protect your things no matter how long they need to stay in storage. Continue reading

9 Cardboard Craft Projects for Kids

One of the most silly expenses of moving are the cardboard boxes. How long are they used? Only about as long as it takes for a family to get from their old place to their new place. While some boxes are saved for storage, most of them are sent straight out the door. That is a sad thing. But what else can be done? Well, if you have kids, plenty! Here are some examples of fun craft ideas for kids made from cardboard boxes: Continue reading

5 Factors to Consider When Renting a Moving Truck

Dallas Self Storage with Free Moving Trucks | Assured Self Storage Dallas TXMaking the decision to rent a moving van to haul your belongings from one place to another is usually an easy one, but it may be difficult to figure out how big the truck should be. You can always give our DFW self storage experts a call for advice (believe us, we know all there is to know about fitting stuff into small spaces!). There are generic opinions all over the Internet, but basically it depends on how much stuff you are moving and whether you are willing to make more than one trip between your old home and your self storage unit or new home. Here are 5 factors to consider when researching rental trucks: Continue reading