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Self Storage in Dallas for SMU Students | Assured Self Storage Facilities, Dallas TX

SMU Storage Deals | Dallas Self Storage with Free Moving Truck

Here at Assured Self Storage, we’re very proud of the areas we serve. From storage facilities in Dallas and Fort Worth, down to Austin, and back up to our self storage in Plano, we enjoy providing all of you with all your storage needs. Even though Assured’s locations are spread out across a wide area, there is something pretty significant that unifies all of our storage locations – they’re all serving communities within the proud state of Texas!

We’re Glad to Offer Self Storage for Students at SMU

One of the communities we’re happy to serve lies just on the north edge of downtown Dallas, at Southern Methodist University, a school attended by 11,000 students who all have ┬átheir own belongings to manage. We like to call our location on 503 South Haskell Avenue “SMU’s Storage Choice” and we’ve earned the title by offering SMU students free pickup and delivery services, as well as free boxes delivered to their dorm door! Now when the semester ends and SMU students are beginning to pack up their dorm rooms, they don’t have to load everything into their car, but instead they can rent an affordable unit at our Dallas self storage SMU location. We’ll then pick up the student’s boxes of belongings from their dorm room, store the boxes in their unit, and then drop off the boxes at their new dorm when the next semester starts. And don’t forget – the pickup and drop off service is FREE!
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Climate Controlled Self Storage Dallas | DFW Storage Facility Assured

When You Should Use Climate Controlled Storage

Storing your belongings correctly is essential to their preservation over the long-term. Our standard Dallas self storage facilities are fine for a broad range of things, including vehicles, tool, seasonal yard upkeep equipment, and similar items. However, there are a number of personal and household items that would be better kept in our self storage facilities that offer climate controlled storage. The condensation that can result from fluctuations in temperature can be destructive in its own right, but that moisture also gives mold and decay the opportunity to flourish. Climate controlled storage helps prevent such damage. Read on to see the list of items you should store in climate controlled storage…
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Bed bug search

Preventing Bed Bugs In Your Storage Unit

It’s better to know a little about bed bugs before you find yourself dealing with them.

We recommend all our DFW self storage users thoroughly clean their belongings before placing them in storage, to eradicate any pests that may have hitched a ride from home!

New York City recently gave us an eye-opening example of just how bad a bed bug problem can get if those little pests are left untreated. According to a study sponsored by Mayor Bloomberg’s office, the number of bed bug complaints in NYC went from 537 in 2004 all the way up to somewhere around 11,000 in 2009. This encouraged the Mayor’s office to shell out a large sum of money to help curb the epidemic. As NYC’s bed bug episode demonstrates, it’s worth taking the necessary measures to kill pests before leaving your belongings in a self storage unit.

Protect Your Storage Unit From Pests

There are a few things you can do to stop bed bugs, which you definitely want to do before you store furniture or anything else where they may enjoy hiding. To better deal with the nuisance of these particular pests, here’s a few details:

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