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Getting help with a big move.

Loading A Storage Unit With A Friend’s Help? 5 Ways to Say Thank You

Has a friend ever helped you move? Have you ever been that friend? You know that call: someone you haven’t heard from in years rings you up and says they think it’s great to hear your voice. Eventually they get to the real reason they called you and ask, “Say, do you still have that truck?”

A storage unit doesn’t usually come with a moving service. If you have enough stuff to warrant renting your own storage unit, then it’s possible you’ll need some help filling it. But not everyone is able to just drop what they’re doing and spend some time helping you. Some of us are lucky enough to have friends that can, but not all of us. We may, however, know someone with a truck who can be convinced to help. Whether it’s a friend, or just someone you know, after they finish helping you move you should probably thank them. How, though?
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What’s In Your Storage Unit?

Weird Finds in Self Storage Units | Stories for DFW Texas Storage FacilitiesWe talk about ourselves and our DFW storage facilities a lot. We have to. Otherwise you wouldn’t know anything about us. But now we’d like to take some time and hear from you. How have you been? We truly appreciate all of you. Whether you’ve only visited our site, or gone all the way to renting a space, we appreciate you!

And now we would like to know a little something about you. We’re not talking about intimate details about your life – what you do at home stays at home. We just want to know any weird storage shed stories you may have, or have heard.

People Keep Interesting Things in Storage Units…

If you have ever seen an episode of Storage Wars or Auction Hunters, or any other show like those, then you know some people keep very interesting items in their storage units, or sheds at home. But those are just the ones we’ve found. What about all of those unopened storage sheds that haven’t seen the light of day in quite some time, or that just have owners who keep their secrets a secret? We just know there are some great stories out there!
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