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Best Storage Unit and Moving Truck Sizing Guides

Recognizing that you need a self storage unit to store belongings is simple, but what about choosing the right storage unit size for your needs? And once you’ve rented a storage unit, how will you know which truck size is appropriate? Choosing a truck that’s too small might result in multiple trips and time wasted, while renting a storage unit that is too large means you could have saved money with smaller self storage unit prices. To help you figure out the best options for your storage needs here are some of the best storage unit size estimators and moving truck size comparison guides, just a click away!
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Arlington Closes Its Railroad Crossings

Many things have changed over the last few years in Arlington. The Arlington Highlands shopping center has added many new businesses, and customers, to the local economy. The new College Park Center has helped revitalize the UT Arlington campus, and the nearby Downtown Arlington is constantly growing. Our own Arlington self storage facilities have expanded as well, and we thank you for being a major part of our success! Regarding the City of Arlington expansion, there is something else that will be changing soon. 

What Is The Railroad Doing Here?

Arlington TX Storage Company Provides Alternative Routes During City Construction

The railroads are an important part of the City of Arlington.

The Texas and Pacific Railroad began running through our part of the country around the mid-1800’s. At first it only stopped in Dallas and Fort Worth, but in 1876 that all changed. On July 19th of that year the railroad made it’s first stop in Arlington, TX. Since then, the rails have been used to carry many things through Arlington. One big reason for the continued use of railroads is safety. Hazardous materials face less risk being run across rail lines than they would being driven down highways and city streets. They keep dangerous spills from happening in highly populated areas. The people who run the railroad system keep our products moving, and our cities safe.
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Top Ranked Self Storage Blogs

A Comparison of the 5 Best Ranked Self Storage Blogs

There are a number of resources out there for those in the self storage industry, or for anyone simply looking to find some storage tips. I thought we might be able to help separate the wheat from the chaff a bit by Googling “Self Storage Blog”, and doing a quick comparison of the top 5 results.

The following were our Scoring points:

Visual Appeal - How much the design and layout of the site appeals to me visually. Kind of subjective, I know, but I’ll try to be fair and base my score on objective things, like the inclusion of a variety of media and neat, consistent formatting, rather than whether or not I like their color scheme.

Entertainment Value – This score is based on how interesting the blog tends to be, does it approach things from a unique perspective and try to write frequently about varied interesting topics.

Readability – Writing Technique, Punctuation, Spelling, Grammar, and formatting. Also, some of the principles of writing for web: Is it easy to skim? Are there paragraph headers? etc.

Ease of Use – Does the blog’s navigation, categorization, etc. make sense? Is it easy to find important information on the site?

Community Interaction – Does the blog allow for easy interaction with the public at large? Does it open up lots of avenues for sharing via social media, etc? Also, are there signs of an active community? For example, comments, shares, etc.

Bonus points – I consider this my opportunity to be generous. Anything unique or special I appreciate will be rewarded here.

I’d like to point out that all of these blogs are ranking highly in Google, and making a great contribution to the self storage industry. With that in mind, please be aware as you read the report below that ALMOST “everything’s made up and the points don’t matter.” (- Drew Carey, Who’s Line is it Anyway?) Basically, I’ve scored the blogs subjectively, based on my own opinion, so feel free to disagree. Even the lowest scoring blog is getting a free link, and earned a place within the top five :) Continue reading