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Start a Food Pantry in Your Storage Unit

Find out what foods can be stored long term and how to organize them in a storage unit pantry.

Ever see food items on sale and know you can’t take advantage of the deals because you don’t have enough space at home? Here’s a solution – use your self storage unit as a food pantry! As long as you keep in mind what foods and containers store well for extended amounts of time you’ll be able to buy up all the good deals on the grocery shelves.

Foods with Long Shelf Life

There are many different types of foods that have been packaged to last longer, including foods that are canned, freeze-dried and dehydrated.

  • Canned: With canned goods, you have the option to purchase or create your own canned foods that will last a long time. Almost every food type can be canned safely and kept indefinitely, from tuna and vegetables to fruits and jellies.

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