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Self Storage Unit Box Recycling | How To Make A Cardboard Chandelier

Creative Cardboard: 9 Ways to Reuse Extra Storage Boxes

Once cardboard boxes are emptied after a move or left over after organizing your Fort Worth storage unit, please resist the urge to throw them into the trash! There are many ways of recycling used cardboard boxes, including posting them on Craigslist for someone getting ready to move, using them for crafts, or repurposing them into something useful. Assured Self Storage has searched across the web and found some excellent DIY repurposing ideas for old cardboard boxes:

Create a Cardboard Chandelier has thoughtfully provided a simple guide to crafting a spiffy looking chandelier from cardboard. You’ll only need a few extra items if you’ve already got your cardboard on hand, and there is even a template available to cut out the chandelier pattern. Follow this link to Etsy’s crafty how-to and add a touch of recycled cardboard elegance to your home decor!

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Camper in Storage | Self Storage Facility for Travel Trailers and RV | Assured Self Storage

You’ve Pulled Your Travel Trailer Out Of Storage…Now What?

School’s out for the summer in Texas! Vacation has begun and travel trailers are being gingerly removed from the safety of DFW self storage units and inspected carefully for road-worthiness. Before you head out into the wild blue yonder with visions of mountains and campfires leading you on, make sure your trailer is safe and comfortable for whatever the journey requires.

Kept Your Trailer Safe in Storage During The Winter Months? Good For You!

Proper protection from exposure to the elements is half the battle in caring for your trailer or RV. If you didn’t utilize climate controlled storage and the trailer was left out in the cold, here is a helpful list of safety checks to go over to ensure that it is still up to code and safe. And next year, consider renting a storage unit to keep your recreational vehicle safe. Before storing a trailer or RV make sure that it is cleaned and vacuumed out to prevent rodents and if you’re giving it a last wash before the end of the season then make sure it is completely dried out to prevent mildew. And before locking up an RV or trailer that has kitchen facilities, be sure to leave the cupboards, fridge and oven open to help dry out any leftover moisture and prevent mold from taking over appliances.

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