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How to Safely Store Appliances

Before placing an appliance in storage, follow these suggestions to ensure they’ll be safe and ready for use when their next needed.

Many concerns that arise when storing belongings in a self storage unit can be resolved with simple solutions. Storing away fragile items? Use packing supplies like bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts to cushion breakable goods. Moving a furniture item with drawers? Tape the drawers shut to avoid them sliding open and shut while carrying the item into the storage unit. But the storage of appliances, some of which may contain hazardous or damaging materials, can be a bit more tricky and require some careful preparation to store safely.

Preparing a Refrigerator for Storage
How to Safely pack AppliancesEmpty out the refrigerator and freezer and then defrost. Set a microwavable bowl of hot water inside the freezer to speed the thawing process, re-heating the bowl of water as needed. Once your fridge is emptied and defrosted, disconnect it from the power source and clean it thoroughly, checking any pipes/hoses to remove any standing water. It is important, once the cleaning is finished, to be sure and DRY everything thoroughly, in order to avoid any mildew-causing moisture. A useful tool to have on hand during this process is a hair dryer, which helps a lot with drying out the interior and any hard-to-reach places. Just be careful with the electrical cord around water. A technique that helps control moisture is to wipe down the inside of the appliances with baking soda, which helps to keep the interior dry. Tie the doors down when moving the fridge, but BE SURE to leave the doors slightly ajar once in storage to avoid any possibility of mildew.

Securely Packing Away the Television
The best way to pack electronics is in their original box and packing materials, however if it’s been a long while and those have been lost, find a box as close in size to the television as possible. Pack any empty spaces around the television inside the box with paper. If possible, wrap the television with a blanket before squeezing it carefully in the box. Tape the box shut and be sure to write “FRAGILE” clearly on the box.
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