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Unusual Discoveries in Self Storage Units

Found – Live Hand Grenade!

Crazy things found in storage units

Most self storage facilities are used for storing extra furniture, expansive comic collections, and extra vehicles, but some have been used for unexpected purposes. Often these alternative uses are born out of necessity and are creative solutions to individual needs, like when one customer kept his fitness equipment in a unit and would regularly drop in to use the facility as a personal gym. However, just because a storage unit is rented and accessible doesn’t mean it can be used to fill any need that arises. While a storage unit is basically regarded as rented extension of one’s home, there is common sense and legal limitations that should be carefully followed in order to stay above the law and out of harm’s way. Just because you can fit 80 cats into a unit doesn’t mean you’re allowed to, even if it does free up space in your home for adopting more kittens. And explosives, weapons, toxic materials, or anything hazardous is also banned from self storage facilities. While you look for somewhere else that is safe and legally acceptable to store your collection of hunting rifles, here are some actual accounts of storage units discovered to have unexpected contents:

  • An Explosive Discovery:
    A man from Michigan who bought the contents of a  storage unit found that his purchase included a live grenade. He took it to local authorities who promptly sent for a bomb squad. While the police were glad that the grenade was safely disposed of, they suggested that next time a grenade is found, leave it on the location, call the authorities, and wait for the professionals. Don’t try to move it personally.

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