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Assured Self Storage Rocking Out with Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow!

Kid rock concert logoCome ROCK OUT with Assured Self Storage at the Gexa Energy Pavillion on Friday, September 2nd @ 7:30p.m. at the Born Free tour with Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow. Look for Assured in the pavillion to find great deals on storages, boxes,  packing supplies and FREE PRIZES!

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From Dogs to Moving Trucks: Useful Packing and Storage Supplies

When engaging in the simplicity of packing stuff into boxes and placing them on a moving truck or in your local self storage facility, have you ever found yourself wondering how packing and moving was done before such modern options were available? Early settlers found it best to pack only necessities and travel light on covered wagons pulled by oxen or horses. However, even before the arrival of European settlers and the advent of the horse-pulled wagon, Native American tribes also saw the value of keeping only what was needed and traveling light. But, without wagons and horses, what did the nomadic Native Americans use for transportation when trekking across the plains?

Early form of Moving

Man’s Best Friend
Before horses were introduced to the Americas by the Spanish in the 1500’s, many American Indian tribes used dogs to help them transport their belongings across the Midwest. The Comanche and Cheyenne were two nomadic tribes that adopted the practice, domesticating wolves and then training them to drag a load behind them on a wooden frame called a “travois.” A travois consisted of tying two long poles together and stretching fabric or wood across them to form a platform. A dog would be fitted with a harness, the travois would be attached, and then whatever load the dog was capable of carrying would be tied on securely. While this was an ingenious solution to transportation issues, it still was difficult as the travois had to be dragged along the ground without the assistance of wheels.

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Assured Self Storage sponsors Dog-A-Pooloza in Garland

Dog with duck

6th Annual


Swim Party For You & Your Dogs

Animal Adoption Fundraiser benefiting:


Saturday, August 20th 2011

9am – 1pm

Holford Park Pool

2322 Homestead Place

Garland, TX 75044

Admission: $5 per dog and $1 per human (CASH ONLY)

Join us for a fun filled dog splash and swim day at Garland’s Public Pool! Assured Self Storage is teaming up with Garland Pawsabilities in sponsoring Dog-A-Palooza 2011 and will be set up at the event with Assured goodies and deals on storage. For More information on this event, please visit:

Rock Out With Assured Self Storage, Def Leppard, and Heart at the Gexa Energy Pavillion

Look for Assured Self Storage rocking out with Def Leppard on Saturday, August 6th@ the Gexa Energy Pavillion! Find ROCKIN’ deals on Storage, Boxes, and win FREE prizes! Assured will be giving away lots of FREE Kid Rock stuff, getting ready for the Kid Rock Born Free Tour with Sheryl Crow early September!

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For more information regarding the Kid Rock show visit: