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The bidding for online auctions takes place online only at The auction units will be posted and available to view online approximately 7-10 days before the auction date. Online bidding closes on the date listed on or around 10:30 am.

Once auctions are posted live, visit Assured’s Auction Units on

To sign up for our “Storage Auctions” email notification, please send an email to [email protected].

It's more fun than a scavenger hunt...

Spending $400 on a room full of junk sounds crazy, right? Well, yes. That’s right. But sometimes crazy pays off. Would you tell someone they were crazy if they told you they bought the private cache of a former jeweler for $400. Or what if they told you they paid $1,000 for $500,000 worth of pirate treasure? Not as crazy, right?

Storage Auctions can be pretty wild sometimes. They call it a “war” on television. Try it for yourself sometime. It's more fun than a scavenger hunt.