When You Should Use Climate Controlled Storage

Climate Controlled Self Storage Dallas | DFW Storage Facility AssuredStoring your belongings correctly is essential to their preservation over the long-term. Our standard Dallas self storage facilities are fine for a broad range of things, including vehicles, tool, seasonal yard upkeep equipment, and similar items. However, there are a number of personal and household items that would be better kept in our self storage facilities that offer climate controlled storage. The condensation that can result from fluctuations in temperature can be destructive in its own right, but that moisture also gives mold and decay the opportunity to flourish. Climate controlled storage helps prevent such damage. Read on to see the list of items you should store in climate controlled storage…

Electronic Equipment And Computers

When storing sensitive electronic equipment and computers, you should use a self storage site providing climate control. Otherwise the condensation that temperature fluctuations can produce may cause damage to the equipment. The delicate inner metal parts could rust and wiring could degrade. Moisture from the condensation could get trapped inside over time, just a couple drops, and cause a short the next time the equipment is used.

Art, Books, And Musical Instruments

These items can be damaged by changes in temperature and humidity, particularly if those changes result in mold. When these have been stored away for a long time and carry that musty smell, it is a sign that there has been enough change in humidity level to allow mold or mildew spores to become active. Mold and mildew can stain, destroying paintings, photos, and books. Professional cleaning may be able to mitigate that damage, but there’s no guarantee that the original condition will be able to be restored. It is far better to avoid such damage by choosing self storage locations offering climate controlled storage.

Fine Textiles, Fur, Seasonal Wardrobes

Organic, natural materials, like linen, cotton, and wool, are best stored in storage facilities that offer climate control. Expensive wall hangings, tapestries, and other fine textile types of decorative art need carefully controlled temperatures to stay at their best for years to come. Furs are another item that should be stored in a climate controlled environment. To avoid the mustiness and mildew made possible by temperature fluctuations, seasonal wardrobes should also be stored in self storage sites offering climate control.

Storing Items Correctly Helps Them Last

Providing the correct storage environment for your belongings will help them last a lot longer. Items that need to be in climate controlled storage can be significantly damaged by condensation and temperature extremes. If you are in doubt on how to store an item, err on the side of the safer choice, controlled climate. A safe rule of thumb is if it is electronic or if it is made of organic materials, materials that could provide sustenance for mold or fungus spoors, climate control is the way to go. If you’re still not sure whether or not you have belongings that would benefit from being placed in our climate controlled self storage in Dallas and the rest of the DFW area, give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out with our storage experts!

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