The Benefits of Using Self Storage When Staging Your Home

Home StagingSelling a house can be a pretty daunting process between finding a realtor, completing all of the paperwork, finding a new place to live and making your home available for home tours. Preparing your home for the sale is the key to getting started on the right foot. Many sellers will start with painting, landscaping and updating appliances. However, decluttering and organizing your home is probably the most important step you can take. An organized home can make your home look larger and allow the potential buyer to focus in on the selling points rather than all of the clutter crammed into your space. This is where home staging comes in.

What is Home Staging?

Staging a home involves making a home look like an attractive, clean space that any potential buyer could see him/herself living in. Home staging is really part of the overall marketing plan for selling your home faster and for more money. Eighty-five percent of potential home buyers look at homes online first, so it is very important your home look its very best.

Declutter The Home

A critical part of the home staging process is decluttering. According to a 2009 Home Sale Maximizer Survey for HomeGain which surveyed nearly one thousand realtors, cleaning and decluttering a home ranked as the top necessity for those selling their homes. While it may be tempting to place all of your extra clutter in your basement or garage, this is not a good solution. When showcasing your home, you want it to appear as spacious and inviting as possible with ample storage room around the house. Using a temporary, storage facility for your extra items is a great way to transition between your two homes.

Real estate agents can help guide you through the process of identifying areas in your home that need to be decluttered and items that might deter a potential buyer from taking action. You want every room in your house to serve a singular purpose with a clear and unique function. For example, the treadmill in your bedroom may be a great item to send to a storage facility. You will also want to remove all personal items from your home, so the buyer can easily envision the home as their own. Personal items may include items such as family portraits, monogrammed towels, children’s artwork and trophies.

To make your house look extra spacious, you may need to remove extra furniture. Homeowners often add an extra sofa or oversized chair to make their living spaces more comfortable. However, these items can often make rooms look and feel cramped. You may want to remove some of your furniture to make your rooms look larger. Home staging may even involve moving some of these pieces into temporary storage and renting smaller pieces that will allow for easier movement around your home. You will also want to take a look at your countertops. If you have extra appliances sitting on your kitchen countertop, for example, you may want to pack these appliances away in temporary storage for a tidier looking kitchen.

Place Your Household Items in Storage

When you get ready to sell your home, using a storage facility is a great way to clear your clutter and safely store your possessions while transitioning between homes. If you are in the Dallas / Fort Worth area consider Assured Self Storage, a premier Dallas storage company, for your temporary self storage needs. We have over 20 locations throughout the DFW metro area. Here is to your successful move!

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