Preventing Creepy Crawlies From Entering Your Storage Unit

How To Keep Unwanted Pests Out Of Your Storage UnitYou’ve neatly stacked boxes and stashed away furniture in your self-storage unit knowing that everything is safely locked up and secure from the elements. However, there are several species of native Texans just waiting to turn your storage space into their new home. Critters aren’t the problem; raccoons, possums and snakes can’t work the lock. It’s the creepy crawlies that know how to slip under the door and through the cracks.

Fight Bugs With Dust

Keeping bugs out of your storage unit is as simple as spraying around the door, baseboards and wall seams. This method works, but it requires repeated applications, and stored items eventually absorb odors from insecticides. You don’t have to be a tree hugger to appreciate alternative strategies. Dusting boric acid powder along baseboards and into wall cracks lays down a deadly barrier against cockroaches, and it’s harmless to you and your belongings. You can pick up this effective bug barrier at the drugstore, and the local garden center carries another effective weapon for your arsenal. They sell diatomaceous earth, and this powdery substance works against everything that crawls including fire ants and bed bugs.

Turn Mice Away

Mice fall in the critter category, but these rodents can slip under the tightest doors, and they gnaw on everything. The obvious approach involves traps and poisons, but you have to check the unit on a regular basis. Texas summers heat up storage space, so cleaning up mice carcasses can get messy, and it’s hard to get rid of the smell. Renting climate control storage space makes a big difference, and it’s a better choice for your stored items too. However, you can avoid the rodent body count with a couple of inexpensive deterrents. Cedar blocks in the corners and car air fresheners hanging from the ceiling discourage mice from moving in, and these strategies add a fragrant atmosphere to your unit.

Those Other Crawlies

Storing clothes is an invitation to the local moth population, but the aroma of mothballs is as unpleasant as insecticides. Lavender works just as well and eliminates the chore of airing things out. Spiders won’t be a problem if you control the bug population because you’re eliminating the arachnids’ food source. Slugs show up with wet weather, but a sprinkle of sage around the doorway keeps their slithering at bay. Natural deterrents are easier on the environment, and they keep your storage unit smelling fresh, but a serious pest invasion calls for a good, old-fashioned application of bug spray. If you have to fight them with a can, be sure to let in plenty of fresh air when the battle’s over.

The best pest defense is always a smart offense, so make sure your items are clean and fresh before you start packing boxes. Think about odd items like that toaster oven. A few crumbs in the tray sends out an invitation for unwelcomed company. Even empty flower pots can hold just enough dirt to attract bugs. A well-run storage facility is always clean and ready for your belongings, but do your part, and make sure the creepy crawlies don’t move in too.

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