Preventing Bed Bugs In Your Storage Unit

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It’s better to know a little about bed bugs before you find yourself dealing with them.

We recommend all our DFW self storage users thoroughly clean their belongings before placing them in storage, to eradicate any pests that may have hitched a ride from home!

New York City recently gave us an eye-opening example of just how bad a bed bug problem can get if those little pests are left untreated. According to a study sponsored by Mayor Bloomberg’s office, the number of bed bug complaints in NYC went from 537 in 2004 all the way up to somewhere around 11,000 in 2009. This encouraged the Mayor’s office to shell out a large sum of money to help curb the epidemic. As NYC’s bed bug episode demonstrates, it’s worth taking the necessary measures to kill pests before leaving your belongings in a self storage unit.

Protect Your Storage Unit From Pests

There are a few things you can do to stop bed bugs, which you definitely want to do before you store furniture or anything else where they may enjoy hiding. To better deal with the nuisance of these particular pests, here’s a few details:

1. Bed bugs are parasites.

They feed on blood, and they really seem to enjoy human blood. They like to hide in warm places, and they have most commonly been found nestled in beds, bedding, and other related sleeping items. This is why they’re called “bed bugs.” They are usually most active at night, but are not considered nocturnal. They are so small that their food usually doesn’t even know they’re being eaten.

2. Health issues caused by bed bugs.

These pesky little critters can cause a variety of medical issues. The most common are skin rashes, allergic reactions and even psychological effects such as depression and anxiety. Bed bugs can cause a lot of damage. They can also be hard to find and hard to get rid of. Your best bet is prevention.

3. Where bed bugs hide.

As we mentioned before, bed bugs like warm, cozy places. Somewhere small, with a nice and consistent temperature, and plenty of places to hide. They also seem to be found in places where there is a lot of turnover in occupants. If that’s starting to sound like a climate controlled storage unit, then you’re picking up on our hint. A storage unit is a great place for bed bugs to hide and grow. It could really ruin your day if you returned to retrieve your things, and found it all infested with bed bugs.  To prevent them you’re going to have to take some precautionary measures.

Bed Bug Prevention

It’s best to run through this checklist before putting your belongings into storage. If you’re planning on packing the unit, eradicating pests beforehand will prevent the bugs from spreading throughout all the items within your self storage unit.

  • Check everything. Look in every crack, crevice and fold to see if you can find anything that even looks like bed bugs.
  • Do your laundry. Run anything through your washer and dryer that you can.
  • Vacuums can be used for more than just the floor. Run a vacuum over all fabric and furniture that you can’t wash. You may even want to take a pass over the things you washed, just in case
  • Plastic is your friend. Cover your bed, mattress and box springs separately, in plastic. Also, after you’ve cleaned and vacuumed any clothes, bedding, or any other fabric, place them in well-sealed plastic bags.
  • Finally, double check everything.

For More Info on Storage Prep, Contact Assured!

We hope these tips on preventing pests in your storage will help keep your self storage experiences stress-free and straightforward. If you’re interested in more tips on how to best prepare your belongings for self storage in Dallas, TX, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you out!

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