How To Safely Pack and Store Christmas Ornaments


Christmas ornaments storage ideas

Storage tips that keep ornaments secure, organized, and intact till the next Christmas season.


After bringing home the perfect Christmas tree, retrieving boxes of decorations from the self storage unit, and starting up the perfect Christmas decorating soundtrack, the last thing you want to see when opening the box of ornaments is shattered glass. Nothing brings the holiday spirit to a screeching halt like poorly packed damaged ornaments and having to throw away the remnants. Here is a helpful list of packing supplies and techniques to ensure that after the holidays are done and ornaments are placed back in storage, they will be intact and organized, ready for next Christmas.

1. Whenever new ornaments are purchased keep the original packaging. Often ornaments are sold in containers that have individual spaces for each ornament. It’s a cheap, easy way to keep them safe.

2. When opening gifts on Christmas morning, keep the wrapping paper and tissue to use for wrapping and cushioning ornaments when packing them back into storage boxes.

3. Instead of throwing away empty egg cartons, use them to pack the smallest fragile ornaments. Once full, the cartons can be closed and stacked inside larger boxes being put into storage.

4. Ornament divider boxes are great for packing glass balls. An alternative would be to keep the boxes that drinking glasses are sold in, or collect empty wine boxes from the liquor store.

5. A DIY packing option for ornaments is to create your own ornament box. Hot glue plastic cups to cardboard sheets cut to fit inside a box or bin. Place individual ornaments into the cups and stack the trays into the box.

6. While Christmas tree lights aren’t as fragile as glass ornaments, they should be packed away neatly to avoid becoming tangled. Wind strands of lights around a coffee can and store replacement bulbs inside.

7. Since Christmas ornaments get unpacked and packed annually, be sure to use sturdy boxes or plastic bins that will last. Continually replacing storage boxes will only be confusing and slow the process down.

8. A neat way of keeping ornaments organized is by packing them away in color groups. Other options are by size, material, or style. This allows for easier decorating next year if you decide to change up the theme of your decor.

9. As a final, thoughtful touch when storing ornaments, pack them into their boxes with a Christmas scented sachet or candles left over from the season. While you may not appreciate the Cinnamon & Cloves or Warm Sugar Cookie scent by the end of the holidays, it’ll be a wonderful surprise that will really set the mood when you’re opening ornament boxes and decorating next Christmas season. And if you find you need a safe place to store your boxes during the year, reserve a storage unit with Assured Self Storage today.



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