Creative Cardboard: 9 Ways to Reuse Extra Storage Boxes

Once cardboard boxes are emptied after a move or left over after organizing your Fort Worth storage unit, please resist the urge to throw them into the trash! There are many ways of recycling used cardboard boxes, including posting them on Craigslist for someone getting ready to move, using them for crafts, or repurposing them into something useful. Assured Self Storage has searched across the web and found some excellent DIY repurposing ideas for old cardboard boxes:
Self Storage Unit Box Recycling | How To Make A Cardboard Chandelier

Create a Cardboard Chandelier has thoughtfully provided a simple guide to crafting a spiffy looking chandelier from cardboard. You’ll only need a few extra items if you’ve already got your cardboard on hand, and there is even a template available to cut out the chandelier pattern. Follow this link to Etsy’s crafty how-to and add a touch of recycled cardboard elegance to your home decor!

Repurpose Cardboard Into A Cat Scratcher

Have a cat that enjoys tearing up your furniture? Redirect your feline to this neat cat scratcher made from used cardboard boxes. Aside from the cardboard, all you need is 4 other materials that are easily found around the house. You’re only a few hands-on minutes away from a cheap, cute scratcher!

Construct a Child’s Cardboard Easel

If you’re a mother or a teacher (or both!) you’ll see the value in this guide to making a DIY easel for your children out of old boxes. Spend some time together cutting, folding, and coloring, and watch this inventive item take shape. Make sure you have a couple clothespins on hand (though tape will do fine as well) and pretty soon your little artists will be painting masterpieces on their new cardboard easels.

Cardboard Gardening Containers

Smaller, sturdy boxes that have held their shape are great for recycling into eco-friendly, cardboard gardening boxes and planters. Paint your boxes to give them a personalized look or leave them natural to highlight the beauty of the plants inside.

Craft Picture Frames

If you are on a budget, live in a dorm and can’t poke holes in the wall, or are looking for a unique alternative to typical framing, this DIY cardboard picture frame idea is for you! The guide uses paper but it could easily be tweaked to use cardboard, which is sturdier anyway.

DIY Gift Tags

Here is an amazingly beautiful cardboard gift tag idea. This DIY also calls for paper, but cardboard could work just as well. This would be especially perfect for boxes which are worn to bits or are too ripped and bent to hold any structure. Cutting circles into the cardboard and then decorating them and adding thoughtful notes is the perfect recycling solution.

Make a Cardboard Lampshade

While this lampshade doesn’t have a guide available, I’m sure many of you are brilliant enough to achieve the same look using cardboard, a lamp kit from a hardware store, and some good old human ingenuity to craft a lampshade out of cardboard. Good luck!

Create Stencils From Cardboard

Use old cardboard boxes to create stencils for painting walls. Here are a couple tutorials and templates for simple wall stencils and elegant wall stencils.

Turn An Old Cardboard Box Into… A Better One!

If you aren’t needing any crafty cardboard items or decorations, just a simple box for storage or organizing, here is a guide that shows how to make a new, better box out of a worn cardboard box. Feel free to apply glitter, fabric scraps or paint however you’d like, or just leave it looking like a simple, yet so very versatile, cardboard box.

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