Vital Stats of Big Tex

Big Tex has been an iconic figure at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas since 1952. With the unfortunate fire in 2012 that consumed Big Tex, 2013 ushered in a new Big Tex. State Fair officials worked diligently to create the new statue and the iconic figure was unveiled to the public on September 27, 2013. In our Vital Stats of Big Tex infographic we take a look at some of the incredible statistics on this statue.

Big Tex Stats Infographic

Big Tex - Vital Statistics

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 Big Tex Stats

  1. To keep the project under wraps, the Big Tex project was code named “Fried Chicken”.
  2. The cost for the new statue came in around $500,000. A bit more costly then the original cost of $750 that the State Fair invested in 1951.
  3. Big Tex current weight is 25,000 pounds. This is a 19,000 pound increase and will allow the statue to not use support wires. Big Tex can now withstand 100 mph winds.
  4. Big Tex height increased to 55 feet or the height of eight Dirk Nowitzki. The previous version stood at a mere 52 feet.
  5. Big Tex has always had a big head, but now it is even bigger. The head weighs 1000 pounds and features a 75 gallon hat. The head grew 2 feet taller from the chin to top of hat.
  6. One of the “biggest” improvements was the addition of a larger posterior, which is now referred to as the “Mitch”. It was named after Mitchell Glieber, Sr VP of Marketing with the State Fair, who requested the feature.
  7. Big Tex received a new Dickie shirt that has a 14 foot collar, 23 foot sleeves and weighs 130 pounds. The shirt was made from 150 yards of awning material.
  8. His new Dickie Jeans have a 27 foot waist, 22 foot inseam and weighs 100 pounds. The jeans were made from 100 yards of denim material.
  9. While Big Tex stands a bit taller, one can not notice the Lucchese Texas State inspired boots. The boots are 10 feet, 6 inches long and 11 feet, 9 inches tall. Each boot weighs about 900 pounds. You can buy a real pair of these Lucchese Texas State boots at a reasonable cost of $10,000.

Here is to another 60 years of Big Tex and fried food at the State Fair of Texas!

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