5 Factors to Consider When Renting a Moving Truck

Dallas Self Storage with Free Moving Trucks | Assured Self Storage Dallas TXMaking the decision to rent a moving van to haul your belongings from one place to another is usually an easy one, but it may be difficult to figure out how big the truck should be. You can always give our DFW self storage experts a call for advice (believe us, we know all there is to know about fitting stuff into small spaces!). There are generic opinions all over the Internet, but basically it depends on how much stuff you are moving and whether you are willing to make more than one trip between your old home and your self storage unit or new home. Here are 5 factors to consider when researching rental trucks:

1. Free Moving Truck with Storage Unit Rentals

Before looking at a truck rental company, consider finding a self storage facility that offers free moving trucks with storage unit rental. There are plenty of self storage facilities that will provide unit renters with a moving truck free of charge. Some even offer pick up and delivery of belongings that you’ve packed, making your moving process simple and quick. If you’re moving locally, check your local self storage company and if you’re moving long distance, look for a storage company at your destination. Of course, you’ll have to rent a unit, but if you’re needing the extra space anyway, might as well get a free moving truck out of the moving process!

2. Available Moving Truck Options

First you need to know which company you will be renting a truck from, as all moving van companies don’t have the same sizes of trucks. Most will offer at least three options, with the biggest option being 24ft. You may think that choosing the least expensive option is best, but a truck that is too small is likely to require two trips to your self storage unit to get all of your stuff moved. You may save money on the van rental, but you will end up spending more in gas and time. If you’re stuck between two truck options it is better to choose the larger one.

3. The Size of the House or Room You’re Moving

If you ask the people at the rental company how big of a van you should rent, they are likely to ask how many rooms you will be moving. This is a helpful guideline, but a 12 x 10 room will probably have way less furniture in it than a 16 x 24 room. You should only choose the smallest size truck if you are moving your stuff from a studio apartment or one bedroom home. Medium-sized moving vans are the most common because they work well for people who are moving from a two-bedroom or three-bedroom home as long as they don’t have a large amount of stuff. It’s best to choose a medium sized van if you are moving from a place that is between 800 and 1200 square feet.

4. In Town vs. Long Distance Moving

Most of the time people who are moving long distances should rent the largest van available to them so they don’t have to worry about getting rid of stuff or having to make two trips. If your move is local, you will probably be charged by the day for the moving truck. This means that time is an important factor and renting a larger van than you think you will need is a good idea so that you won’t have to take extra trips and risk having to pay for an extra day.

5. Professional Movers can Make the Most of Space

If you cannot afford the largest truck or are concerned about getting everything in your truck without running out of space it may be in your best interest to hire professional movers to load the truck. Movers are experienced with loading trucks to maximize the amount of cargo they can fit in small spaces.

Assured Self Storage Can Help You Move

If you’re moving near any of our multiple DFW self storage facilities, we can either provide you with a free rental truck from our participating facilities or we can help you find a moving service with some great recommendations. Don’t hesitate to call!

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